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1200 Servicing The Eccentric And Swing Arm Pivot?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by LCjohnny, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Hi anyone got any good ideas on how to lift a 1200 Monster to service the swing arm pivot?

    Obviously the Abba stand uses the swing arm pivot points so that wont do

    My garage roof is not strong enough :( any other ideas?
  2. One idea would be to get some squat stands with a bar across them and suspend it from them..?

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  3. not sure i have room in my garage for squat stands - going to check over how many support points there are that will take the weight
  4. I think that i can use axle stands under the footrest brackets if i can raise the bike high enough - without super powers of course
  5. Single car?? (much wider gets to be a pain in the butt... It can still be done.
    2- 2x4s 1 4x4
    Cut the 2x4s so that they are 3.5 inches shorter than the ceiling (4x4s are really 3.5 inches) Screw them to studs in the wall. put the 4x4 on top. Screw it to the 2x4s and studs in the ceiling...
    Attach whatever you like to the 4x4 (2 strategically placed eye bolts pre bolted to the 4x4 before installation on the ceiling is great) and lift away.
    wood is Very strong vertically the way it grew. the 2x4s will be plenty on the sides. (especially if you screw or glue the 4x4 to the ceiling joists...)
    Worried? change the 4x4 to a 4x6... or glue and screw 2 2x6 together...

    I used to do this for my Snowmobiles back in the day. I think they were 600lbs?
    Anyway you get the idea. Buy good straps!\
    The hardest part is the lifting. To remedy this I bought an inexpensive 12v winch... Up it will go... Use the straps to keep it there.

    Good luck
  6. Thanks for the ideas.
    While chewing it over in the garage I thought i would see how high I could get the bike by pivoting on the sidestand and using increasing pieces of timber under the sidestand and wheels (with the silencer off).

    I got it up 10cm and then I could rock it so one axle stand was under the left hand footrest hanger now easy to get the one under the right footrest hanger.

    Both secured to their footrest hangar with heavy duty cable ties. seems secure so i have removed the wheel
  7. Take photo’s as you go. I’m sure it would be a great help to others, who have been putting off tackling this job. :upyeah:
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  8. When you say , service the swing arm pivot, what do you intend to do? are you just removing the pivot bolt.
  9. Plan one was to grease the eccentric before it seizes. Then i realised that i needed the bike high and firm so thought i would sort the swing arm spindle as well.

    I have now got the bike up on axle stands - will post a picture although my garage is small, full (2 bikes, 4 bicycles, mower, freezer etc) and very messy at the moment

    (1) finding circlip pliers big and strong enough to remove the cirlip hoding the eccentric
    (2) finding a tool to remove the 12 pointed swing arm caps (picture attached) swing arm cap.jpg
  10. OK so in case it helps here are pics of what i have done
    1. is the last 2 pieces of wood that i put under the stand and other pieces under the rear wheel to raise the bike in stages.
    2. is the axle stand under the right footrest secured with a white cable tie.
    3. is the axle stand under the left footrest - note that the crutch that holds the weight is positioned across (rather than along) the bike to miss the gear linkage
    4. Is where i mounted the ratchet straps to the ceiling hooks to add a safety net in case i nudged the bike

    Raising Monster (1) wood.jpg

    Raising Monster (2) R.jpg

    Raising Monster (3) L.jpg

    Raising Monster (4) straps.jpg
  11. Also, for next time....
    I recently read that if your Pegs/Footrests are removable. Many have posted that they re install them upside down (so they will not fold) and support the bike that way...

  12. Hi Rex
    I agree re turning the pegs upside down and if there had not been a secure lift point that would have been my next move.

    But as it turns out the base of the plate supporting the rests is quite firm and with the cable ties holding the crutch of the axle stand in place it seems quite firm
  13. Well I am still waiting for delivery of larger external circlip pliers to remove the eccentric.
    I found 24mm hex key sockets to remove the Swing Arm end caps (post No 9 above) but the pivot tube is already seized in place - surprise, surprise!
    So I need to find a bolt with the right thread to knock it out without damaging the thread.
  14. Well I got the circlip off and the eccentric out -
    Will post details of the tool
    Not seized but the swing arm has a pile of mud in it!.
    I need to try to stop that getting in when I reassemble

    Meanwhile the pivot bolt ...:mad::sob::sob::mad:

    I have managed to get it to move about 3mm but no further - yet

    Does anyone on the forum have a recommended penetrating fluid?
  15. You need this. Significantly more efficient than WD40 or XCP. Should be available from a motor factors. Alternatively make up a 50/50 mix of acetone and diesel.
  16. Thanks for the suggestions
    I also need to cut more pipe spacers so I can pull the spindle through

    and if that fails buy 2 of these

    8lb sledge.jpg
  17. Tools (1) circlip pliers for hub removal
    I found it very hard to find the right size circlip pliers because each manufacturer seems to quote different dimensions

    I bought these Knipex 46 11 A3 and they worked

    Knipex 46 11 A3.jpg
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  18. Tools (2) hex key for swing arm caps
    24mm hex sockets

    swing arm caps and 24mm hex key.jpg
  19. dirt inside the eccentric adjuster clamp
    There was about 3 tablespoons of mud and sand inside he swing arm up against the eccentric
    Pictures 1) & 2) shows the plug of sand and mud inside the swing arm
    Picture 3) is after a rough clean out

    1 plug of mud.jpg

    2 mud displaced.jpg

    3 cleaned.jpg
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