Shameless Plug For Moto Rapido

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  1. This is the second time in 2 days that I have to say a big thank you to MotoRapido, only today they excelled at customer service.
    Out for a quick blast today and noticed my brake lever pulling in a little further than I like, so stopped to alter the span adjuster. On trying to rotate it, the thumb wheel was seized solid. So went home, removed hand guards and both levers,sprayed in WD40, and could not even move with pliers.
    I phoned Andy in service down at MR, and within 1 hour, he had supplied 2 brand new levers which he merely asked for a signature only. No payment was required and he did the warranty claim while I was on route with the duff levers.
    I swapped over the spring and plunger mechanism to the new levers, and they are now fitted and all is fine. All Andy asked, was that when I'm next about, I drop the old levers in.
    Once again, MotoRapido have proved themselves to be an above and beyond type dealer, and makes it very difficult to ever consider leaving the marque.
    Well done and thank you to the guys at MotoRapido :upyeah:

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  2. Nice to see good recognition when its well deserved :upyeah:
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  3. 58,,nice to see and hear your getting the whole 9 yards service:upyeah:some dealers just talk and others do the walking,,FAB
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  4. Mate, they're always the same down there, the customer service has always been second to none. :)
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  5. I have been in there once to look around at the goodies,,but Craig is a bit bloody good on the parts front:upyeah:
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  6. PS, if anyone ever swaps out the levers, you don't need to buy the press to get the liners out, just tap through with a suitable size socket. :upyeah:
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  7. Thought my lever adjustments were seized too , but just pulled lever back towards the hand guard and then adjustment screws worked ok once load was off them . Mine is a 2014 bike. Is it normal for these adjusters to seize up ?
  8. I don't think it's a regular issue, but yes, I did try that, but these would not even move with pliers once levers were off the bike. Strange how both of mine seized though?
  9. Perhaps your levers rejected you?
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  10. Good stuff. Well done MR. :upyeah:
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  11. Mine have seized (i.e. cannot be adjusted by hand even by the Hulk), from new, both sides. So did the bike before. Just WD and long nose pliers to get them moved.
  12. Yeah, I got the thumb wheels moving bradders but the locating head on the inside of the levers would not rotate so something had bust between the two.
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  13. bummer, great way to test the service tho. :upyeah:
  14. Indeed, not sure what the dislikes for though, I tried my best. lol :p
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  15. Coz it was proper broken
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  16. Really glad I went to MR for my bike, they were great in all aspects
  17. I myself had the opposite experience when went there last year. Must of not liked the look of me
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  18. What happened?
  19. Yep, spot on that :)
  20. I was out on my 899 and it started to play up. Popped into MR and they took bike straight into the workshop. Plugged it in and found one of the MAP sensors had gone down. Told me price and said get a coffee and it will be done. Cracking service from them as usual. Would not use anyone else. I have used them for about 12 years now and they have always been spot on.