Featured 1299 She’s Here!

Discussion in '899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V4 Panigale' started by JAT, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. A picture of my 1299 which was delivered today.

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  2. Very nice mate :upyeah:
  3. congrats! :punch:
  4. Very nice, Congrats love the akras!
  5. Beautiful looking bike, :upyeah:
  6. Congratulations :)
  7. Congratulations, looks like a nice and clean example :)
  8. Nice one. :upyeah:
  9. Thanks everyone, I'm very pleased with her. Only has 1000 miles and sporting a full system.
    Very different to my Tuono V4 but just as angry, I can't stop smiling. Cheers JAT.
  10. Very nice :p
  11. Awesome bike.
  12. Congratulations!! Very nice looking bike :upyeah:
  13. Hello,

    Glad to see you are enjoying my old bike!!!!!

  14. I certainly am Simon, it was good to meet you.
    Good luck with the V4.
  15. What a beauty! Congratulations
  16. Beautiful bike mate!
    I wouldn’t leave it parked there though as looks a ruff neighborhood with all that graffiti on the wall behind. ;)
  17. they've already stolen your bins !
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  18. No mate, clearly it's reminders for the bike! There's a petrol reminder just above the tank, a reminder about the 40mph speed limit, and a KFC reminder above the mirrors to remember to pick up dinner on the way home...there's a speech bubble next to that one too...maybe he needs to remember to swear at someone in KFC? ;)

    Lovely bike mate! Enjoy it!