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Featured Shopping - I Wants It !!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Mattie821, May 6, 2024.

  1. So what have you got your beady eyes on that you would like to buy, but which might be a bit out of reach, but not that out of reach - so things that are doable if you really wanted to.

    For me that excludes Learjets (where would I put one anyway :D)

    But, one of these could be doable in the next year.....

    1. Omega Planet Ocean - in blue.


    2. BMW M1000R (trade in the current bike for it)


    3. sensible stuff like a new sofa/curtains or double glazing:(

    So lets hear it then - what have you got your eyes on .......

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  2. Test ride the euro5 s1000, mate bought a M1000 put all he options on it and promptly found it underwhelming and reverted back to a Euro4 flavour.
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  3. Interesting. Actually not test ridden one yet. The euro 5 regs seems to make bikes go to sleep a bit right in that useful rev range as things are just picking up. Some bikes worse than others. I was hoping the M version, with shift cam, might be a bit better than average.
  4. I tried on an ultra-deep recently. Loved it. Maybe one day…. After I’ve bought the curtains, decorated the house and developed the garden…

    Fuck sake. Wimmin…
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  5. One of those them there fancy motorhomes! With a garage in the back and wind out sides! Just drive around Europe jumping on different tracks:cool: better get a lottery ticket!!!
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  6. I bought a planet ocean last year, love it to bits, get one now as prices are going to rocket on them.
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  7. I’m sure the “ultra-deep” Will be more than a match for your shower :p
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  8. Absolutely. Who buys a dive watch for diving?

    I did a bit of scuba diving in the 90’s when I was in Saudi. 50 metres tops… I think the ultra deep is good for 6000 metres. Mental :laughing:
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  9. I’ll have to make do with this for now. A mere 3,900 metres. Pah, rubbish :D

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  10. I’m having a self imposed ban on big purchases, after my recent tomfoolery.
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  11. Just picked up kayak - wasn't a lot of money, but should be a lot of fun. Healthy too (unless you drown).

    Watch out for watersports, they're as addictive as bikes...

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  12. Well done for getting yours. I like the simplicity of the look as well as the how well made they are. Accurate enough to be used as a daily. I really like them.

    6,000 metres - that would make your ears go pop ! (along with your cranium !! :D) Agreed, no intention of taking it diving ....Nice Rolex by the way.
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  13. Is this kayaking about in rapids and rivers ? or kayaking in the sea and the surf ? Do you have to have different kayaks for each ?

    I suppose there is a bit of kit to buy along with the boat...
  14. Tons on YouTube. It would be the sea kayaking for me. Bit of whale watching and lure fishing…
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  15. weils disease is a nasty thing to catch whilst messing about on water.
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  16. There must be something you ‘need’?
  17. He didn’t like how woolly it was low down if that’s the correct term. He’d previously had 2 S1000r’s and loved them. He ended up chopping it against a Aprilia Tuono with a race exhaust on it was his only option as every other dealer wanted to take his pants down.
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  18. Bought the motorcycle I want earlier this year.
    The watch, second hand (used you fool) about ten years ago from reputable jewellers. Honestly it looked unworn and half price. New battery and pressure tested about two years back. Still superb. Only take it off when doing rough work. IMG_1181.jpeg
    Highly recommended.

    btw, that M1r looks great. Not sure I could cope with the inline four though, unless it has bucket loads of low down torque….missing from the XR version.
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  19. I have a 2018 S1000R. (Euro4 I think?) It’s a bit ugly but I like the looks personally , but apart from that it’s a cracking bike. It has the most amazing brakes.
  20. I bought my PO in 2008 brand new for £1500 with two straps! Still going superbly and every scratch and dent is mine. :)

    what’s one cost these days?
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