Show Me A Picture Of Somewhere Famous Or Infamous You've Been..

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by andyb, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. You look very determined!
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  2. He’s just lazy!
  3. 3154416D-D02A-4BEB-BEF0-4C2AF975578C.jpeg
    I was the other side of the valley above Chamonix.....I didn’t see you!
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  4. Been a good few years since we were there. Kipped in the Refuge Vallot and someone nicked one of the lads ice axe’s.

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  5. Ahh that’s how I missed you, I was there this year.
  6. You can tell by the shorts :joy:
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  7. 6A488E7E-205A-4BE7-ABCD-C447DA1726AB.jpeg Marrakesh yesterday - quad biking in the desert this afternoon
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  8. When your wife says, of course you can go to the nec and buy whatever you want, as long as you can carry it back

  9. For those of us that need more than a postcard from DSCN5222[1].JPG our travels;)
  10. Is that in the town where the film studios are??
  11. IMG_1296.JPG Relaxing at basecamp before doing the Stella alpina this year .

    XH , why the pipe cutters ? Could do with a new blade wheel !

    I've just had a look through this lot , I've been to many places and it's made me remember some great times .
    Keep them coming
  12. Don’t mention the war!
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  13. Love the photograph a very different slant on things:upyeah:The pipe slice had been AWOL for five plus years and it showed up at the same time on my big tidy up rounds,and confirms the manhole cover real size:sweat::upyeah:
  14. One trip too many for some folks:(:worried:
  15. So you stole a manhole?
    Class, most folk are content with a bathrobe or slippers.
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  16. Sorry yes:blush:and i do have a second one with the letters S.P.Q.R,
    but not shown it's face as yet.
  17. Pity the poor Romans’ with their broken ankles
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  18. Never ever trust an Englishman when overseas;)
  19. You sir are an ambassador.
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  20. More like a backpacker;)