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1200 DVT Side Stand

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Sam1199, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Is it my imagination or does the DVT lean over a hell of a long way on its side stand. I keep thinking it’s going to go over completely.
  2. Yes. Any camber makes it look dodgy.

    If concerned, you can get those extenders.
  3. The mk1 Multistrada 1200 is exactly the same and I fitted the Ducati foot pad. IMO it needs to be 20mm thicker still. Andy
  4. Yes, i agree, I always get that how much further when I’m getting off it, been a short arse!
  5. +1 for side-stand extender
  6. When on trips in europe I found the extra lean helped maintain a sensible angle when parked on the 'wrong' side of the road, but in the UK I sometimes found it was more of a struggle than it should have been to get the bike vertical, specially when loaded up...one of the reasons I eventually chopped it in (the bike not the side stand).
  7. On my recent trip to the TT I was surprised how much the stand flexed with the bike fully loaded, even worse when not on a totally flat surface. I might buy one of the bigger feet for it, any increase in length would help :laughing:
  8. I'm sure you are aware that there was a recall on sidestands for some DVTs because they were cracking at the weld around the top of the stand. Mine was supposedly not affected by the recall, according to the VIN, but it did crack and was changed FOC by Ducati.

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  9. The lean angle is not great for me, especially when the bike is loaded up, it's not bad, just not great.

    I purchased a sidestand foot £11 from ebay. It supported the bike through several days of heavy rain when camping in a field on the Isle of Man last week.

    I flipped over the top plate so the logo was hidden and used threadlock on the fasteners. For the money, it does the job well.

    Item no: 322711481503

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  10. I was not aware - i'll keep an eye on mine for cracks and see if i can do a search on my VIN :upyeah:
  11. Climbing on the pegs to get your leg over also causes the crack for us short people....
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  12. It's not easy to spot as it's on the 'in/underside' of the stand - mine was only detected by the dealership while it was on the bench for something else.
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  13. Mine isn't looking too good for the above reason..... But it's more of an age thing rather than height!!! :eek:
  14. Loaded for touring and in some weird camber positions, I could pull the front wheel off the ground with almost one finger. It's a bit scary if there's wind or you catch your boot on the seat doing the dismount scissors! I set URBAN mode to least possible pre-load just so she'd stand up a bit.
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  15. I was quite shocked at how much the bike lent over the first time I had mine loaded up; certainly wasn’t expecting it to lean as much as it did!

    I use the URBAN mode for our lass getting on and off
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  16. Rich, thats quite a good call, to use urban to get on. I usually 'set and forget' at the start of any trip (or at least day), so might try that, especially since the enduro is a bit of a climb anyway.
  17. Bloody hell, I do the climb on using the left peg technique and didn't realise that the side stand wasn't up to the job??

    Better check it before I head off to Portugal next week or the new Barkbusters may be doing their job sooner than anticipated?
  18. I also change from two up with luggage (we could both do with losing some pounds) to single rider, just depends on how far forward I am thinking at the time.
  19. Snap. Urban on softest setting. Also when filtering heavy traffic as more chance of getting either foot down if needed
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  20. Slightly off topic, but mentioned above and might help someone else, so here goes :yum

    Last Thursday we headed off to Germany for the weekend.
    The night before I had set the bike to 2+luggage. This had happened ok.
    After reading the above I decided to try solo + urban to get on, then change.
    I set the bike to Solo & Urban, we got on, I selected touring and 2+L before moving off, and by the end of my drive I had a 'DSS' light on the dash :no_mouth::confused:

    It was clear it hadn't adjusted for 2+L. I tried switching between solo and 2+L a number of times whilst on the move with no change. I did however get a dash message bottom right saying 'pre-load calibration in progress'.
    After ringing Snells and having a chat, the suggestion was to try a switch off/on with everything off the bike.
    We did this when we got to the tunnel and all became well with the world again. Yay ! :)

    So if you see this message come up, it seems the solution is to get off the bike and give it a power cycle.
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