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Featured 821 Single Sided Swingarm Conversion

Discussion in 'Monster' started by VtwinDave, Jan 9, 2024.

  1. Got a 1200R swinger , rear wheel and ohlins rear shock at a good price so it was a no brainer , I think they should have come like this from factory. A picture of the bike when I first picked it up 10 months ago to now . IMG_3874.jpeg IMG_3758.jpeg
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  2. I didn’t know this was possible! Would love to do it to mine.
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  3. Yeah straight fit , you can use your own standard shock all you really need is a complete swingarm , rear wheel and you need the rear brake line from the caliper to the abs pump . Oh you can use the old caliper if you need to
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  4. That looks 1000 times better, well done.
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  5. Put a single swinger in my 899:upyeah:
  6. Looks much better, makes the exhaust routing look more natural
  7. They look much better
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  8. Exactly what I was thinking
  9. Looks mint, Dave! :cool:
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  10. You said you got yours from a 1200R, would I be right in thinking that one could also be used from a 1200 or 1200S also? And would it matter if it was the earlier or later bike that it was sourced from?
  11. Serious question here - does a single sided swingarm impart different forces to a frame than a dual sided one would?
  12. My limited knowledge of physics would say yes, but hopefully someone more 'in the know' will give a more definitive answer.

    Looks bloody good though!
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  13. Cheers Ian
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  14. There all the same the R is just a different colour
  15. It bolts onto the engine
  16. Very nice! I'll do this to my 900 one day.
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  17. In a word - no.

    The swingarm itself will be subjected to different loading compared to a double arm one - the piece of arm for instance that runs longitudinally on LHS will have an applied torque due to the offset wheel, in addition to the vertical loads applied by the wheel.
    When the loads arrive at the two swingarm pivots at frame/engine (left and right) however the effect of the torque will be cancelled out as long as the wheel axis is equidistant between the pivot centrelines.

    If the torque were still present when the loads arrived at the “ frame” (or engine), one would have an out of balance load to react and the bike would fall over.
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  18. Wasn't there a swing arm length change with a model update in the monster 1200 for 2017 MY.

    2017-on Ducati Monster 1200

    "A longer shock and a shorter swingarm give the second-generation Monster 1200 a sportier stance: taller, sharper, with more weight over the front end"

    Maybe means you need the matching shock. The swing arm length/ rear ride height can make a difference to the how the bike handles as it affects the geometry. Quite a few variables to think about.

    You probably can't mess up the geometry too badly, as the parts are very much mix and match from a compatibility POV, but maybe need to think about the mod from and insurance point of view.
  19. Looks great but your insurance will definitely not cover you in case of accident. Sorry but I think best is buying directly a single sided swingarm ;)
  20. My insurance were absolutely fine about my conversion (899).
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