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Six Nations 2020 - Will Contain Spoilers

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Expat Jack, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. Well, that came round quick.
    Let’s get the banter going then.
    I am especially excited as got ticket for England Wales at Twickenham.
    No need to ask who I’m supporting.

    Come on WALES
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  2. It should be a good match in week 4 of 5.

    Englands home advantage may be negated by the relative standings on the table with three matches already played.

    Come on France, Scotland and Ireland, then Come on WALES!
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  3. What about Italy??
  4. England don’t get them till week 5, so I don’t want to encourage them too soon!
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  5. I'm still suffering from a disappointing world cup final which we should have won,based on beating the AB's conclusively.
    ...ok i'm game,England for the sliverware.:punch:
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  6. About as reliable as leaving your best mate with your girlfriend when you go to the bogs or the bar.;)
  7. What if your best mate is Italian?
  8. Straight or gay.:thinkingface:
  9. Didn't know they did gay ones.
  10. Is it ok if he's just a mate but not your best mate? Asking for a friend.

    Come on Italy.
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  11. i didnt know they did straight ones... ever been to a bar in italy? the queue for the mens is longer than the wimins due to the blokes posing and preening themselves...
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  12. Ireland all the way....
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  13. They need to build on the 2019 performance to get back to where they were previously.
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  14. still, 90% of the time more fun to watch than any other squad in the 6 nations... barring england performance against the AB's in the world cup... not that that was fun for me, but entertaining rugby for sure and a deserved victory... (oh man it hurts to say that)
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  15. Yeah but they do all the shagging - I couldn't be arsed with 4 hours of preening for 4 minutes shagging. 3 on a good night.
  16. im pretty sure most of em aint shagging women though... each to their own....
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  17. England should win this without too much bother

    which means we’ll get knocked out by an under performing side in the semi’s
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  18. bit like the AB's in the wolrd cup? (exept we were knocked out by an overachieving side that went on to do fuck all)...
    im starting to think the would cup should just be given to the team with the most wins in the previous 4 years.... the kiwis would have rightfully won ever cup so far....
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  19. That would be called the "Most wins of the last four years cup"... Or are you suggesting a league with a four year season?
  20. I’m still amazed/pissed at how shit England played in the final of the World Cup tbh.
    Absolutely world class against the All Blacks and absolute shit against South Africa
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