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Six Nations

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Tomo76, Jan 27, 2019.

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    NZDave,I grant you that the southern rugby teams and their world records speak volumes for themselves:upyeah: with exception of england in 2003:),I do believe that they have a unfair advantage over the northern teams when watching the games for our weaknesses during the six nations campaign and therefore have the edge over us for the world cup period:worried:,but it's time for a change at the top:upyeah:
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  2. 1 apple don't make an orchard.
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  3. NZ and SA should have done much better than what they have. In the UK and Aust there are strong competing sports for the best talent. Rugby is a religion in NZ and SA. In Aust it is a sectional sport played only at privileged upper class schools (with scholarships for the talented poor of course) but the vast majority of young men play either Aust Rules Football or Rugby League and that is where the big crowds, salary packets, sponsorships etc lie ...
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  4. I think the A.B's have done OK,....

    They have a 77% winning record in test match rugby, and are the only international side with a winning record against every opponent. Since their international debut in 1903, they have lost to only six of the 19 nations they have played in test matches.[a] Since the introduction of the World Rugby Rankings in 2003, New Zealand has held the number one ranking longer than all other teams combined.[2] The All Blacks jointly hold the record for the most consecutive test match wins for a tier one ranked nation, along with England.
  5. I think the enthusiasm of your response illustrates what I was saying. I don't think any other nation (SA being the closest) so thoroughly embraces this code. It is surprising that anyone other than SA can seriously compete with you.
  6. I copied and pasted that answer from wiki, there isn't many registered rugby players in NZ, only about 140,000. That's men, women and kids.
  7. Only?? The Roy Morgan company did comparative longitudinal surveys (15000+ participants) not of registered players (we could only pray for that figure) and the conclusion was: "Roy Morgan’s figure show that participation in rugby union collapsing by an enormous 63% from 148,000 participants in 2001 to just 55,000 active players in 2016. With thousands of players reportedly leaving clubs last year, rugby union now ranks as Australia’s 26th most popular sport."
  8. Unfortunately politics has played a major role in the demise of the South African rugby team. In the past few years they haven't always been able to pick the very best players due to rules and quotas.
  9. I know that was a huge issue for their cricket side for years - I am surprised that it is still going on all these years down the track.
  10. Rugby is a declining sport in NZ also, mind you with Super Rugby, Provincial Rugby, Club Rugby, Age Group Rugby, Womens Rugby, School Rugby, and Rugby Sevens it is done to death and turning people off in my opinion, I generally only watch the Internationals and some sevens nowadays.
  11. I'm a bit the same but different sports. I find myself watching less AFL and cricket for the same reason - the proliferation of shorter forms of both games and all matches being televised. Just leads to a bit of numbness.

    By contrast MotoGP and World Superbikes are still relatively marginal and so I am not flooded with hour upon hour of coverage. Contrast F1 where there seems to be the Pre Pit Lane show, the Pit Lane Show etc etc about 6 hrs worth until an F1 car hits the track - no thanks!
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  12. Thanks, I forgot about the extra BPs if you win the slam. There just to stop someone winning the slam but not the championship.
  13. It’s sad to hear that rugby union is a declining sport in NZ & Oz and that player selection is hamstrung in SA due to politics. That’s just not on.

    Alternatively, it might just be fake news put out by our southern hempishere members to set the scene for when a northern hemisphere team wins the World Cup ;). ‘We just can’t get the talent anymore’ ;) LOL
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  14. Come on the boys :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah::upyeah: :upyeah:
    I hope it's a good game win or lose, but I must say I will be disappointed if we do.

    Who you supporting @portboy, don't forget where your living now mind :)
  15. Wales will have the home advantage with a very loud crowd onboard,but england for the win:upyeah:
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  16. It’ll be brutal whoever wins. Just found out Carole will be watching it in a Hooters in Miami. Andy
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  17. Is this a case of Aussies not wanting to participate in a sport they suck at?
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  18. C’mon England!!

    Fucking hammer the hymn singing leek growing fuckpigs! I’m sure we will. And afterwards we can turn Wales into England’s car park. After we’ve tarmac’d it....
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  19. Only kidding!! :):upyeah:

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  20. Except for England hammering the cunts bit
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