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(small) Bike Things You've Done Today

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Arranged a ride out for Sunday :)
  2. I'd another one today that i'm no longer using, any money back from the govenment puts a smile on my face no matter how small.
  3. Perhaps you need to employ some demonstartors with some strong glues....for Goforward motion.
  4. Dropped the Bevel crank and rods off for balancing, and had an interesting chat about the small dyno the guy had made for testing kart engines.
  5. Spent a couple of hours this afternoon wrestling a new battery into my trusty old BMW


    If I tilt the tank up just so, I can wrangle it out without faffing on disconnecting fuel lines..


    The old Odyssey gel battery, ..been a good un, it’s been on about 7 or 8 years :upyeah:


    Replaced it with an Exide gel battery with more cca 250 vs 170 on the Odyssey, seemed to fire the old girl up quick enough o_O

    Big shout out to Tanya batteries in Wales, I ordered this new battery at about 2:00pm yesterday and it was delivered just after 1:00pm today :astonished: ….how do they do that :thinkingface: ???
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  6. Received/purchased a PP carbon screen from Steve aka Speedmouse on this forum, good man.
    Very happy, I’ll be it’s guardian for a while, then another forum member will no doubt be happy to have it.

    We don’t so much buy these Ducati trinkets as loan them. I think it’s great the way they get passed around. I’ve been promising myself one for some time. :)

    I’m slowly getting this bike sorted. If only someone sold a lowering kit. Pics at the weekend.
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  7. Multitasking, sorting out the rear of the rgv250 to attempt to fit a ssa, and started fitting bearings to the bevel crankcase.
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  8. Nice pipes you have there mister :cool:
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  9. They do sound nice
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  10. Put the big number plate on my Monster ahead of MOT on Saturday.
  11. Going old school....
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  12. You hoping a bug or two make it through as a snack?:D
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  13. They were tasty. Not the one that got in my eye though :mad:.
    It was either that or not see, pinsert MIA, and antifog coating long gone.
    Plus fat guy puffing and panting doesn't help :laughing:
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  14. Rolled the scrambler out of the garage. Rolled it back in when the heavens opened. :)
  15. Got bike kit ready this morning for ride to Ducati Worcester at lunchtime for a service early this afternoon, was also taking the Mutley V4 out whilst they were working on my bike. Received a call just after 10 saying that their tech was at the Drs this morning so they'd need to reschedule, 11th of flipping November! Not impressed. Think I'll call JHP and see if they can fit me in sooner.
  16. Cleaned my boots. Does that count?
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  17. Of course. I also charged up my airbag vest:)
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  18. Someone in the office said "can you come in for a meeting?" I said yes (but only 'cos the sun was out) so had a good blast on the Hyper:). So much better to arrive (& leave) with a smile than grind there in car through the traffic....
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  19. Pulled a screw out of the VFR's rear tyre, It seems to have gone in tangentially, and I couldn't detect any air coming out, but it's still a nasty tear,

    Still, look on the bright side, at least it wasn't the 999.
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