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Small Spring In Switchgear For 900ss

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by CLottyboo, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Does anybody out there know where I can source the little spring that sits behind the horn button and/or starter button?

    I managed to lose one when my bike was strapped down in the back of my van and the strap caught the horn button and levered the button/spring out of the switchgear body.

    If anybody has a non functioning switchgear that I could remove the spring from or can advise where to source a spring and/or has the dimensions I would be grateful.
  2. Easy enough to find one and make it fit.......just need the right diameter and type (in simple terms one that compresses and then bounces back to original length)....try the ones inside an old click biro pen or similar.

    Or even butcher a simple aftermarket auto rocker switch....they are smaller in diameter than a biro one.
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  3. Tried the biro options but they came up a bit small - Looks like i need a 5mm/6mm/ ID spring of about 5mm. As the electrical connection for the horn operation is made throught the apring itself, any narrower ID and it may well make the electrical circuit through vibration etc.
  4. Do a search for bike breakers, should be able to get a similar switch gear for a few quid? I got air box complete for about £20 delivered, most Ducati's/Italian makes will be similar
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