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So I've Booked The 1100 Sp In At Cjs Racing For A Remap

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by Turbo, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. I've finally booked the Hyper in at CJ's for a much needed remap. March 4th, so only a couple of weeks away. My bike is only mildly modded with a full-race exhaust and a Wasp Puk full intake system. I'm really curious as to whether the Puk will live up to the hype on the dyno. Seat-of-the-pants dyno noticed a healthy increase, so with CJ's remap it will release the full potential.
    I'm also looking forward to a much smoother ride ;)
    Fingers crossed... let's see how much bhp she makes :)
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  2. Nice - i only work about 8 miles away...if i remember and i can get away at lunchtime ill try to drop in...you riding up or carting it up in a van...?
  3. You did well to get in contact with him.

    Lord Lucan is easier to get hold of.
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  4. Van... yeah, let's hook up. You can lead me to the nearest burger joint ;)
  5. Not round there....its in the middle of nowhere out in the sticks...id say take some supplies...biccies (they go down well with Rich, big Chris and little Chris), sarnies and some milk...then you can sit in the waiting room and watch Chris empty your tank through the window....
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  6. Text him... he's busy and ITS VERY NOISY IN THERE!
  7. Don't put a new soft rear tyre on before you go...... I know some idiot who did......:thinkingface::thinkingface::thinkingface::thinkingface::thinkingface::blush:
  8. Don't worry, I'm leaving the knackered Super Corsa on the back ;)
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  9. There is a greasy spoon down the country lane.
  10. Saying that - theres a pub in the village...never been in there though (ive always gone on my bike and just hung around in there) talking bollocks with other Chris and Rich...
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  11. Surely there must be somewhere to grab a spot of lunch? Maybe I'll bring up some proper Cornish pasties ;)
  12. There is a nice greasy spoon about 1 mile away. Nothing else around. I've only been once but wouldn't be early again.......
  13. As i say, take some food....and "cup of tea/coffee based supplies"...youll keep them happy then...
  14. ....and condoms....you never know, eh. :neutral:
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  15. downloadfile-1.jpg
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  16. yep - it is out in the sticks....you gotta do that as well....gets more out of the motor then...
  17. There's a great little pub within walking distance, good food.
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  18. Bingo ;)
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  19. Perhaps try and get to the Redan Inn down the road in Chilcompton for lunch, it’s banging.
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  20. The Hunters Rest is a nice pub about 10mins walk. I stayed there when I had my 1198 done. Nice friendly pub with good food, nice ale and clean comfortable room. Nice staff too.
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