So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. There has been a bit of to-ing and fro-ing since I was in China back in April so his visit last week was to "dot the i's and cross the t's" and try an negotiate some discount, which he did. But I'd added it on to take it off again. All standard practice :)
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  2. Fitted some arrow cans to the 1198

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  3. So I'm straining on the toilet tonight, pushing as hard as I can and then i hear a *pop* .

    Everything went dark.

    My wife shouted, "are you alright Ron ? We've had a powercut"

    I replied: "Thank fuck for that, I thought my eyes had exploded"
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  4. Seems I've bought myself a KTM 450 EXC with road and off road wheels.

    KTM gave a BS build date, I waited months to find out, then could not confirm any delivery date so I requested a refund on the new one I ordered.

    Then the mrs allocated some of my funds to the house project, which encouraged me to allocate some of what's left on something I want..

    Fingers crossed it should be hardly used, last years model with all the bits and it's not been run with the hours meter disconnected.

    It will either kill me or get me in better shape.
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  5. Sent translated contracts to China then basically caught up on dross paperwork. Also managed to book a hotel for the BSB weekend at Silverstone in September as my friend from Portsmouth is marshalling and can get me a free ticket.

    Now I'm off on my jollies for a week visiting relatives in Italy and then going for a few days to Alberobello to stay in a trulli. Aces. I can't wait as the past few months have been rather hectic and stressful.
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  6. Mostly face palmed today, daughter, son in law and 2 grands are off to a caravan in Clacton next week and she was stressing, I asked her why and she said they will only have 3 ipads so rows are inevitable. O those halcyon days of a bat, ball, bucket and spade
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  7. Today Montezuma's revenge, or its Balanese equivalent, finally caught up with me.
  8. Bike ride to the park with son, then picking up paint for his bedroom, apparently he would like blue and red..
    Driving range with dad from the boys school, which I am growing to dislike as I am getting worse not better. BBQ.

    Sunday, might get out on a proper bike, need to MOT the Honda. Move the furniture out the way to finish tiling.
    Monday, I am heading round the M25 to get the Orange bike..

    Next weekend is already fully booked, the guys I raced with are at Silverstone.
    Get to see my old car being driven by someone who knows what they are doing. Get some stick, why I'm not racing... "Come on, the factory will run you in a car" Errr... need to win the lotto first and lose about 4 stone+.
    Sunday my freind who works in F1 is coming round for dinner with his mrs and little one.

    I want to get out more on the bikes, the house project is getting near where it should be.
    Maybe get down to the Ace again for the Sunday meet. I imagine early next year, will be a juggling act with +1 baby.
  9. These guys take filtering to another level. It's a visual nightmare negotiating your way through this mayhem. But no one crashes or gets hurt in the process, except the girl who rode straight in to a tree that is!
  10. Planning to visit a lovely little place in Wales today - Lloysthwycyyrigridarbrewwthh...

    sorry, there was a hair in my mouth, I meant Rhyl
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  11. All the bikes fuel tanks have been topped up with fresh fuel and fuel stabilizer.They can now sit there patiently waiting for me to run them up or take them for a totter round the block.Also umming and erring about disposing of another never used/not likely to be used machine.Very much going through a 'lost interest in bikes' phase at the moment.:worried:
  12. Steamed through the MOT today at 1000mph. Only two advisories.....

    " it's a very powerful machine sir". And

    " it's very desirable,I'm very envious sir"

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  13. Yesterday I built a tandoori oven in the garden. This morning I fitted Gilles variobars to the 916. This evening I was mainly eating tandoori chicken, husseini and seekh kebabs
  14. Been and collected a little CBR 400 RR for the little lady as a track bike - Silverstone tomorrow, cost £900 she was worried about dropping the 848 so she can scream this and it don't really matter

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  15. My wife just said to me, "Look at this, I've had this since we got married 20 years ago and it still fits me."

    "It's a scarf"
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  16. Keep plugging away ,better days just around the corner. :upyeah:
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  17. Well this morning started well enough even though we had to leave home at 3am after very little sleep to get to the airport in plenty of time for our flight to Italy.

    However on the flight things took a slight turn for the worse. SWMBO and I were sat in different rows (no biggie). An hour into the flight there seemed to be a kerfuffle a few rows in front of me. I looked up from reading my Bike magazine and noticed a woman running up the aisle. The I noticed a few more people gathering in the same spot, so being nosey I stood up to see what was happening. It was then I realised that the action seemed to be centred around SWMBO and the woman running up the aisle happened to be a doctor.

    To cut a long story short SWMBO had felt ill, fainted and threw up all over herself and the passenger next to her when she'd fainted. The doctor and the Ryanair staff were brilliant looking after her for the rest of the flight. After cleaning everything up they took her to the rear of the plane, laid her down with her feet up, gave her sweet tea, water, air sickness pills and oxygen.

    When the plane landed a doctor and paramedic came on the plane did a few checks (bloods, blood pressure, cardiac etc) then we were taken off the plane first, straight through passport control and she was taken to the airport infirmary whilst I collected the hold luggage. Few more checks in the infirmary and she was given the all clear and we were allowed on our way.

    We then collected our hire car, and were soon on our way. By 1pm we were at my aunt and uncles house.

    She's been a little shaky the rest of the day, and has given solids a swerve till about two hours ago when she scoffed a huge starter and main course at a restaurant we've just been too with my cousins.

    God knows what happened. She's never been ill travelling before now and we've been on several long haul flights over the years. She seems to think it was a combination of no sleep, and the plane being warm and stuffy. But she's not clear on what made her feel ill initially.

    But on the plus side we sailed through the passport control process etc :)
  18. Glad alls ok, hope she doesn't get too worried towards the end of the holiday prior to your return flight.
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  19. She's fine now. She thinks it was a lack of sleep and stuffiness combination but she may just have picked up a 24 hour bug or something.

  20. Blimey ET !!!
    Hope all is well now
    Get well soon mrs ET
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