So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I hope your day goes as well as you would like.Very best wishes to you for a good result.:)
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  2. Big hug coming your way:). Andy x
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  3. Hope it continues to go well Ducbird.
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  4. Amazing who you run into....

    Working 150 miles away on site yesterday, coming back up the m3 i thought i could do with a piss so stopped in the services by the Newbury junction of the m4. As i walk in i catch the eye of a bloke ive not seen for 10 years (and about 10 before that) - thought to myself "that was XXXXX!" (and we both live in Bristol). Take a leak, walk back out and he's there propping up one of those pastie vans that they leave outside the front door of the services...i try to shield my face by faking a headscratch but he notices me...."alright Andy!" I shoot him a stoney faced look, and carry on walking without looking back.

    The guy is and always was a fucking asshole. The cause of a lot of friction between a good bunch of friends at the time and without going into it i told him to fuck off then....

    If the phrase "bear a grudge had a picture next to it, itd be me!" :) As ive gotten older ive learned not to suffer fools...not even my own mum.

    Right, thats me off the couch...
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  5. I've laid about 3m2 of a GRP roof... it's taking ages...
  6. I went out for two hours, completely forgetting why I am not at work today... missed a delivery for a job that is due to start tomorrow, and Mrs reminded me. That never happens. Oh well...
  7. Hope all went will Ducbird!! Holding tthumbs. Hang in there .
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  8. Out on bike all day, even managed a catch up and coffee with @Android853sp , nice to see you again mate (No prizes for anyone guessing where I saw Andy :p)
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  9. Oh mate, you should write a rant column in newspapers, I'd buy it just to read this stuff. Keep up the good work :upyeah:
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  10. Hope all OK Viv , I'm sure you'll beat the shit out of this. GWS hun. X
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  11. Next stop... Jeremy kyle!
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  12. Chav!!!
  13. Always pleased to catch up :upyeah:. Andy
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  14. Yet again I,m working on a grade two star listed building, its rotten from the roof down, I feel really sorry for the customers as we keep unearthing more and more rot.
  15. I was thinking about how we could promote the Forum today....

  16. Fasting day, so eating certain isn't what I did.

    Sold a few more bits. And a smooth day at work ;)
  17. Fasting?? Why :thinkingface:
  18. Coz I'm too slow ;)
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  19. Went to the local car dealership this morning.

    The salesman asked me, "What are you looking for in a car?"

    I said, "It has to be affordable"

    He said, "I'm sorry , I've never heard of a Ford Ibble."