So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Johnny Dumfries? :thinkingface:
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  2. Nah, I found it here...
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  3. Cooked a roast and not much else today. Manflu seems to be clearing ready for back to work tomorrow, so that’s good
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  4. The wife told me tonight, her fantasy is to have sex in the back of our car

    with me driving
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  5. Spent about an hour trying to get the brake lights working on the trailer before realising I was working on the fog lights :rolleyes:
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  6. With a grinder ?
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  7. My grandkids have been running around the house all day making a hell of a noise.

    Shouting things like, "We're fucking freezing, let us in grandad"
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  8. Garage back on the rsv....
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  9. The guy is just one big double standard!
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  10. 'double standard' isn't the phrase I would have chosen. Andy
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  11. I rank him equivalent to James Corden, Gary Lineker and Bono - The Four Egos - nothing that surgery couldn't resolve

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  12. upload_2017-11-15_14-25-2.jpeg
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  13. We have just had a text from our Son.He has arrived in Australia and is now at the Youth Hostel he had booked in Sydney.We are relieved and happy that he got there okay, and we can stop worrying so much.
    Our daughter is now in Nepal and not reachable for two weeks.
    The joys of parenthood.
  14. Don't forget Mervyn if they still live at home there house money still counts :p
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  15. Yes, as he started at the front and couldn't reach :)
  16. Well our daughter left home some years ago now.We don't know how long our son is away for-we said we would keep his room for him unless we found suitable lodgers.I suggested to Mrs Mervyn that perhaps a young lodger might be a useful help to us as we are a little ancient.She was quick to say,not likely,you can't be trusted.You would have them on bike polishing duties.
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  17. its like a reverse hotel california when you have kids

    they check out anytime they want but they never leave.....:joy:
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  18. That explains all the stuff in the loft and scattered round the house.