So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. White, English bravado boy bragging again ? Why stop at Vindaloo hot and not go the full Naga Viper hot ? Andy
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  3. Changed the oil pressure switch over on the SPS as it was leaking,fiddly but satisfying:upyeah:
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  4. Stop bragging on my behalf, Naga’s are what I pep it up with, viper hot is bullshit, if I show off with curry I have a side order of raw Naga’s, but today I’m eating at home and enjoying my mild Naga dish thank you :yum
  5. Nobody knows :eyes:
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  6. Put new wheels on the transporter
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  7. A mate had that size on his T4, they used to deflate on bumpy roads and pot holes :eyes:
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  8. Had my eyes tested
    I have a cataract forming on my right eye and my overall vision has deteriorated so new glasses on order ... readers and distance/drivers to be reviewed in a year :)
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  9. The roads will be slightly safer.....v.slightly :thinkingface:

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  10. Bugger all, trapped in the house whilst the Russians finish the bathroom. Today final clean and sealant day, it always smells of sheeps piss. Either that or the Russians have pissed under my lino before laying it.
  11. Packing the whisky store this weekend and moving to a safe place ahead of moving next Thursday. Priorities.
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  12. If they get stroppy, just bring out an old bottle of Nina Ricci perfume and threaten to open it.....
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  13. I finally cured that annoying noise in my car today.

    I opened the door and pushed her out
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  14. Or buy them some tickets for a trip to the top of Salisbury cathedral. They’ll me real made up :upyeah:
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  16. noobs builders on a day trip
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  17. Taken back my second MTS rear light which had the same problem as my original where the internal LED bar separates from the inside plastic which rattled like hell, £152 for some shoddy light is pissing me off. Number 3 is on its way now.
    The joys of Ducati are hard work sometimes
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  18. F0A35D2E-7D55-4089-ABB2-F8241D8E29A3.jpeg Watching abandoned engineering and pissing myself at the man dressed as a woman on it
  19. You look pretty unconscious to me!
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