So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Yeh, a ring of fire in the morning :joy: Andy
  2. I have ceramic guts Naga Vindaloo tonight :D
  3. So you are no having an Indian then, just some hot slop chucked together to give the white, English, bravado boys something to brag about :p Andy
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  4. Nope, a proper Bengali Indian: Murgh Masala but Vindaloo hot with Naga Chillies as that’s how I like em :bucktooth:
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  5. You all mended?
  6. Genuine question, what are they then?
  7. Then it’s not a Murgh Masala is it ? Hot slop chucked together for your taste. Andy
  8. Just about, though I’ve been told I can’t do anymore TD’s this year, surgeons orders. Seeing him in 3 weeks about having the metal taken out.
    Just have to wait till next year !!
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  9. No, it’s a Masalam - my phone changed it :) Lilly livererd korma boy :p
  10. Ones that stay in the wheel and don’t fall out on wheel removal evidently, i.e. captive :)
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  11. Why don't they make them all like that?
  12. What do Dr's know anyway!
    Double TDs next year to make up for it I reckon!
  13. White, English bravado boy bragging again ? Why stop at Vindaloo hot and not go the full Naga Viper hot ? Andy
  14. index.jpg
  15. Changed the oil pressure switch over on the SPS as it was leaking,fiddly but satisfying:upyeah:
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  16. Stop bragging on my behalf, Naga’s are what I pep it up with, viper hot is bullshit, if I show off with curry I have a side order of raw Naga’s, but today I’m eating at home and enjoying my mild Naga dish thank you :yum
  17. Nobody knows :eyes:
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  18. Put new wheels on the transporter
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  19. A mate had that size on his T4, they used to deflate on bumpy roads and pot holes :eyes:
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  20. Had my eyes tested
    I have a cataract forming on my right eye and my overall vision has deteriorated so new glasses on order ... readers and distance/drivers to be reviewed in a year :)
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