So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Funny you say went about 5 minutes ago to wife & son and this was on the list ;)
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  2. Seen the price of it?
  3. Jeeez. It's €30 just for the add-on lighting kit! Not exactly a pocket money toy is it.o_O
  4. Hence its on the list. Birthdays are for stuff you cant justify buying
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  5. Driven to work in my 47 year old bus for the first and definitely not the last time....big smiley face and lots of other drivers smiling too. Sits nicely at 60mph but gets too noisy at 70mph.

    Bus 85.jpg
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  6. I've just had a meeting with the Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire and his personal assistant
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  7. she's down in weeds ...
  8. Mine was a birthday gift to me from me. :) Also it was well marked down (which for Vietnam means about normal price in Europe). Not a cheap toy but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

    Ben looking at the light kit, need to find one here...:innocent:
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  9. Need to change the tyre profile as the current ones rub on the tubs every now and again. Tyres are 105mm but going down to 60mm profile at the weekend and see how he drives/turns. Will drop it a little further lol
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  10. Hit some balls. Straight. Incredible
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  11. A good day then?
    The trick there is keeping it up.
  12. I know. Still feels a fluke. Gone from big slice and pushing right everything, driver almost unusable, to carrying 230 plus dead straight 28/30 today and 10 from 12 yesterday, and hitting my irons absolutely flush straight. Also, 8 iron is clearing 150yds, went thru the green at 178 to the centre yesterday when it was down hill a little, and 9 iron 130 plus at the driving range.

    Either it’s a fluke, or Duke has replaced the clubs with self-driving ones ;) or the simple change I made and the new swing routine has completed a miracle
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  13. Me
    Dog has been in Birmingham today getting a new knee and some suspicious cancer type crap removed from
    His shoulder.
    Went and viewed a d16 whilst he was in the willows doggy hospital
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  14. :) A532D4F9-2FC8-4781-8E4C-FA70FD293B97.jpeg Went to the dump today. No not for a dump! Beautiful day but I promisedSWMBO I’d clear out the rubbish. No refuse collection here. Nice view from there though. The mountain that is :)
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  15. Fell in sea phone in pocket, phone stopped working so got a basic replacement, went walking around tarifa really nice place, morrocco looks very close, lovely down here but the journey back starts tomorrow via Malaga then girona probably Saturday
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  16. Just flown back from Murcia. Bloody knackered and time for bed. Andy
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  17. Visit to the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience today for me. Interesting tour, only non Triumph in the car park...

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  18. Bins!!! :D
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  19. Don’t worry. It’ll have all gone by tomorrow and normal service will be resumed. That day you think you’ve ‘got it’ is always the one before it all goes to pot. That’s the fun.
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  20. Just made an appointment with my financial advisor to discuss my potential retirement in more detail. :)
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