So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Ripped put a kitchen and bathroom and dropped a brick on my foot. Nice bruise as a result.
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  2. Fuck it, when it shits, its shit. Ah well, always tomorrow and get another go.
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  3. One of the few good byproduct's of getting older I'm afraid :)
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  4. Move house :)
  5. Speaking of which, how are things progressing?
  6. Hmmmm - last communication we got from our prospective buyer is that he is desperate to buy ours and so is looking in to going down the auction route with his own place. Which on the face of it sounds good but I would have thought that it's a gamble given that its a property valued at over £500k.
  7. It’s an unusual route to take for sure, maybe he’s had experience of this before?
  8. No need as bike is out of warranty and have had very negative dealings with some authorised dealerships, so more than happy to support the local specialists like Rosso Corse and Proteam when they had their van collection service.
  9. So stop bleating on about it :)
  10. Yep, just a 6” concrete pad poured onto the DPM which was laid over the ground, which is rock.
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  11. This morning I have been sorting my laptop because yesterday it started to fuck about.

    This afternoon I am going to a commercial/project meeting. There could be bloodshed.
  12. Going to a charity call tonight. Could be bloodshed too ;)
  13. Throw the laptop at the opponents, 1 task, two results, jobs a goodun
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  14. ACF 50'd and tucked up the little monster for hibernation. It looked a bit lonely so I had a bit of a measure up to see if I could realisticaly fit another bike in the garage (It still needs to work as a storeroom/utility room and allow enough room for moving the kids and my bicycles about) - it looked a bit too tight tbh. :pensive: x2

    :thinkingface: I could sell the kids..
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  15. I know I say it often but I’m eating cake and drinking coffee :D
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  16. Brilliant :)
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  17. Ordered a sex doll
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  18. not too much coffee now, you will be awake all night :zzz:
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  19. does the cake have brown chunks on top?
  20. so have i[​IMG]
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