So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Yep, I’ve heard good things about him. Problem is, he’s the only indi in Ireland and he too is in Dublin, 350km away from me :(
  2. Well there are more authorised ducati dealers in Dublin than London now.
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  3. Managed to get CarFest camping tickets - v pleased.
  4. Got a letter from the DVLA Data quality team apologising for missing my motorcycle category from my driving license and that a new one would be sent out in due course. I’d never noticed it was missing !
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  5. Pleasant surprise today. Around two in the afternoon I got a call and a voice in broken Vietnamese English (Vinglish) informed me that my Hyper needed a software update. I told them I would bring the bike around later in the afternoon, but no, if the bike was in town, they would come to where I was to do the update!

    Twenty minutes later, after about half dozen SMSs (half in Vinglish), I got the last one "I outside coffee shop with white helmet". Lo and behold, there was the man outside the little coffee shop on the ground floor of the office block. Walked him through security into the parking garage and 15 minutes later all was done.

    Best of all, no charge. This on a bike which is now almost three and half years old. Very happy.

    When I finally got on the bike to go home, a bit apprehensive after the update, it was great. Whatever they have done in the software seems to also have improved the fueling. At low speed and lower engine RPM in the traffic the bike was sweet. Usually it is lumpy and a bit tempramental, which I have gotten used, but this was a really pleasant surprise. Hopefully it stays like this :p
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  6. I've been messing about with my works laptop cos it decided to almost grind to a halt this afternoon.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. 12CC5964-99CA-4E7D-847A-02BFAFDB7589.jpeg Advanced the Garage/:motorcycleduc:shed/workshop/man cave, it’s slow but then it’s just me, 2 days a week. :confused:
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  9. A bit of maintenance on one of my old jobs.
    Down the stairs into the cellar.
    Turn right to enter.
    Then enter the pool area, a bit of work to do in the changing room.
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  10. I'm assuming no footings, juts a concrete base
  11. Tolerating less idiots. Especially the high & mighty self-important ones.
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  12. Ripped put a kitchen and bathroom and dropped a brick on my foot. Nice bruise as a result.
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  13. Fuck it, when it shits, its shit. Ah well, always tomorrow and get another go.
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  14. One of the few good byproduct's of getting older I'm afraid :)
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  15. Move house :)
  16. Speaking of which, how are things progressing?
  17. Hmmmm - last communication we got from our prospective buyer is that he is desperate to buy ours and so is looking in to going down the auction route with his own place. Which on the face of it sounds good but I would have thought that it's a gamble given that its a property valued at over £500k.
  18. It’s an unusual route to take for sure, maybe he’s had experience of this before?
  19. No need as bike is out of warranty and have had very negative dealings with some authorised dealerships, so more than happy to support the local specialists like Rosso Corse and Proteam when they had their van collection service.