So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. had exactly this on red one this year, those oil pressure switches love to leak in so many ways. Mine failed within the tube-like plastic top portion where the terminal attaches, a first for me. I had ignored a leak on identical sender type on the Ugly for many months as it wasn't too serious - turned out to be a cheapskate copper washer not fully flat so made my day when I found it.
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  2. Seeing as I'm in a half decent mood I have booked to ship one of my bikes out to Italy and go to Mugello again next year for the MotoGP. I have also looked at the cost of flights. I may leave it for a bit to see what prices will do.
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  3. I have been in the garden today,leaves nearly completed for another year (the 29th year in total so far DSCN5216[1].JPG ) and happy as a squirrel at a nut festival:)
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  4. British Airways business class were £90 when I booked and paid :D See you there :upyeah: Andy
  5. £90 single or return?
  6. Without checking, I think it was single outbound flying on a Wednesday. Flying back the following week was IIRC £110. Andy
  7. do a private charter tel
    Up in
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  8. It was £200 return earlier (Manchester/Pisa). It’s now at £210, but the website reacts to views. The more people look at a flight, the more the price goes up.
  9. I’m gonna spend the rest of the night looking at that website lol
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  10. I hope your cock turns black and drops off :)
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  11. It did that after I routed that Sheila from
  12. Australian GPS?
  13. Yes it took
    Straight to the std clinic with a dose
  14. Not sure I'd be gloating about people out of work and probably without any redundancy.
  15. Flew from Washington, DC to San diego.
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  16. Laying in bed trying not to succumb to the acid reflux and barf :( Sleep alludes me so you can bet I’m going to be grumpy for most of the day. Andy
  17. Not alot so far.....just can't find that crank handle at the minute:no_mouth:
  18. News on about something I have seen on you tube called Ryan's toys. He's 7, plays with and promotes toys on you tube and earns at 7, £17.3 million a year as a you tube influencer
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  19. Seen that on the telly yesterday and yes the world has finally gone mad:rolleyes:
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  20. Digitised pictures, articles and videos of Anthony Gobert up to end of 1996 SBK season.