So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Haven’t but might go sherburn
  2. Pass the crisp bowl over:sweat:
  3. Made enquiries on a motorbike listed on ebay,taken a bit of exercise with a walk in the country.
  4. Washed cars. For the last two hours! And now just checks if the exhaust I bought as a punt £99 with link pipe for 08 gixer fits. It doesn’t. Bollox
  5. We’ve been looking at/shopping for new lights for the house. My heads frazzled.
  6. Seems buying a new house is far more hassle.
  7. I felt like a real gentleman when I opened the door for my mother-in-law this morning.

    Did she appreciate it?

    Not one bit - kept going on about me doing 50mph at the time.
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  8. Sat watching TV with a blanket over me, sore throat and niggling cough, so much for the flue jab.
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  9. Snooker is on. Have some night nurse. Combined, That should put you to sleep.
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  10. In all seriousness this is hell. This will be my 10th house (and the 4th new build) as an adult and I can’t remember any of the previous moves being as complicated and/or traumatic.

    I’ve told SWMBO this is the last time I’m doing it. The next time I move I’ll either go into a home or they’ll carry me out in a box.
  11. I took mine off the market this week. Now I've got the workshop, and the garage is a bike only space, I've decided I'm going to stay.
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  12. Carried on from yesterday... removed a cylinder head from a 2015 208 3 cylinder french turd because of it using oil. Needed to remove the pistons to pop new rings in simple nar not a chance FFS ...

    Removed the little sump then had to remove the sub pan base as this was covering nb 3 conrod. So some french twat decided to attach the rear main seal housing half to the block and half to the sub base pan so were is the other 2 bolts yup behind the flywheel FFS.

    So removed the engine and box split the box removed the clutch then flywheel and there they are ... so all 3 pistons are out the bores are like glass so ive ball honed those. The head needs a decoke and the guides checking for wear ... the pistons need cleaning and ringlands made minty as the oil control rings are stuck in as i thought in the first place it needs a new clutch and the bill is going up all because lack of oil changes ...

    So the moral of the story is as ive said many times is keep away from anything 3 cylinder and anything with long life so called service times because oil and filter every 10 or 20k and your engine will be toast ...
  13. Made this. :yum

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  14. Got the fascia started today.
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  15. ‘Tidying up my spices’ has ended with repainting my grandads cupboard that he built to store his honey in and a kitchen re jig
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  16. Just watched finding nemo. . Classic

    Sorry #classic
  17. Went to Sammy Miller's museum and actually paid to look around. A few random photos:
    DSC_8774s.jpg DSC_8776s.jpg DSC_8781s.jpg DSC_8782s.jpg DSC_8792s.jpg
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  18. Went to work , planned 5 doors , then went to do some tiling in a kitchen to get ahead .
    And yes , I'm a gas engineer , the joys .

    I have however spent 2 hours going over my ER5 to get ready for the elephant rally .
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  19. Went to Sports Bike Shop in Boston, a long drive and not quite what I expected. Didn't really have a lot on show. Stopped off for a nice roast dinner and then into work to refit wheels to my mates RSV4.
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