So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Just booked our Virgin flights to Miami for Fantasy Fest 2019.... (end of Oct).
    Hotel was booked a year ago.

    It's a massive giggle....
    Five days of drinking and then Twelve days to sober up and do something more mature..... probably drive up to Clearwater.
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  2. Got back from the Dragon Rally brilliant weekend weather was a bit rough, back in time to see England kick the French arses made the weekend
    Pity Germany don't play rugby so we could give them a kicking as well
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  3. Cooked mince and dumplings. :yum
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  4. Eaten too much cake :weary_face:
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  5. And just spent the lot + some on some carbon fibre belt covers for the T9!
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  6. I’ve coughed and spluttered. And spluttered and coughed.

    My chest is sore as hell
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  7. It’s all part of being homeless, get used to it!
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  8. Good lad!!!
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  9. Household stuff etc:upyeah:
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  10. Did a track day at Donington in my M2. Only a half day as I was in Birmingham last night for a mates birthday. Only the national circuit but was managing consistent 1.25's which I'm pretty happy with, especially with shit conti's on the front.

    Sideways down Craner Curves at 105mph was a bit sketchy!
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  11. I just realised that I joined an "Anti-Social People Support Group" last July, and we still haven't had a meeting
  12. I tidied up my garage

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  13. Started to clean up the missus wee car yesterday. Coming up ok.

    FD46D068-98FC-4D05-A73E-D74E6DD0FFBA.jpeg E50D78F5-0C4D-4E78-A08D-0EE89A689254.jpeg
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  14. Some days it's the worst job and at the same time awesome...
    £200 ticket for stopping in a loading bay 7 minutes before 10am and then this
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  15. £200 ? That is outrageous. You have my sympathy. For me, just one more reason I'll never drive in London. Andy
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  16. Are you a window cleaner out of interest;)
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  17. Bargain half price sale if I pay now or within 14 days....

    For £160 call out and £60/Hr I'll wash them.... so long as I can reach them from the roof or a 40' ladder.

    I was on the roof service the AC just south of London Bridge (Borough High Street) and not a machete in sight
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  18. Back at work today for the first time after the lunar new year holidays (a week). Horrible. The only upside is that the traffic was not back to normal yet so the ride to the office was at least pleasant.
  19. Back in the office for the first time in 2 weeks today, and it took me 75 mins to get here at stupid o'clock this morning to try and beat the rush hour traffic (only 24 miles away).

    Apart from doing some boring admin I have visited my local bank branch, doctors and pharmacy to change my address on their files. Other people like DVLA and HMRC won't let you do this till you have physically moved :rolleyes:

    I have also spoken to my solicitors to get my completion statement in readiness for next week and I have met with a builder at our new house to show him what kind of an extension I want building when we move in.

    And whilst all this has been going on SWMBO has been out and about buying new curtain poles, lights/shades and wall clocks.

    So it's been a bit productive.
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  20. Good to see your keeping busy and not slacking;):upyeah:
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