So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Last day at Almeria :( and what a last day ! 33.5 degrees and very little wind and I found out that the V4’s electronics light up like a christmas tree when the back wheel lets go :astonished: All good, fabulous 3 days and hopefully when the photographer posts the pictures to her web site, she made me look better than I actually was :D Potentially lots of beer later and an easy day tomorrow. Got a late afternoon flight so plenty of time to chill and then bimble back to Alicante before flying home. Andy
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  2. Been to hospital for a check up on the shoulder as it’s been 2 weeks since the OP, it’s very clean as I thought it might be a bit messy as it’s been stinging a lot but very pleased there are no complications :upyeah:
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  3. Ooooooouch that made me go all funny o_O
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  4. A lot neater than mine. Glad it's all gone well and look forward to seeing you at Cartagena in October or Almeria next year. Andy
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  5. Fuck all bike related today, but totally infuriated with the Jeremy Kyle situation.

    1. Stupid people agree to be paid to go on TV and get berated by an audience and also of course him (Kyle). An ex Recruitment consultant with his fair share of skeletons in the closet, who is less than qualified to dish out guidance or therapy of any kind.
    2. One of them takes his own life. This squarely lying at ITV's door.
    3. Stupid people now queuing up to run Kyle through the dirt. And generally moan about the fact that it was their choice and they got fucking paid...

    I dispair of society...
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  6. Got another puncture in my new Road 5 tyre.
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  7. If you keep over taking on the central reservation system:thinkingface:i.e dirty road film section.
  8. I thought that was the third lane?
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  9. No, it's too narrow - it's a motorcycle overtaking lane :thinkingface:
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  10. That's a lot tidier than my shoulder think my surgeon used a knife and fork
    It's good it's healing well and I hope you make a full recovery
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  11. @Kingfixer Glad it all seems to have worked out well!
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  12. Today I am nicking off work for a couple of hours to take my 4yo old grandson swimming :)
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  13. Setting off for trip to Dolomites on a few hours. Weather looks OK at the moment but a little iffy once we're there. Went last year and it rained every day, there was a heatwave back in the UK. Don't mind riding in rain but so much nicer if it's dry and you can see the scenery. Girlfriend joining me out there for a few days and want it to be dry for her more than me.
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  14. Changed the datatag into my name, registered for Biketrac but it has an issue so i have to remove it and send it away to have a new sim card fitted :-(
  15. I’m back at work without my sick bucket :D
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  16. Ease yourself in Viv, nothing too strenuous now. Andy x
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  17. Did about 120 miles on my LC yesterday went to get it out of the garage this morning and it’s dumped coolant all over the floor. Going to re torque the head but it’s probably done the head gasket .
  18. Today I have balanced the carburettors on my twin-carb bikes, using vacuum gauges. Hoping this will help them tick over more smoothly.

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  19. Some total dick left his man bag in a service station just outside Garrucha with his passport and boarding paperwork in it and only realised 70 kilometers from Alicante. Went back and found my bag but guess who missed their flights :sob: No EJ staff until 19:25 for the last 2 flights at 22:00 and 23:55. Keep your fingers crossed. Andy
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  20. Lucky your bag and passport (and money?) were still there... Be Happy!!
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