So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. We went to meet our new grandson the daughter and her husband have adopted a 6 week old baby boy , He's a lovely little chap we couldn't be happier
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  2. Air Con Condensate?

    And what sort of plumber doesn't use end stops to keep the pipes clean!!!!
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  3. Superb. You’ll have lots of fun helping to shape his future, I’m sure :)
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  4. I’m trying to work out why there is an air pipe on the toilet bowl waste pipe? What’s it for? And what’s the black bit? Curious.
  5. Got back yesterday to find the pressure switch for the well had burned out on Tuesday, so had to replace that today. All good now (so far) and we have water again.

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  6. It's called a boss and it's used to put one waste pipe into another......
    I'm sure I'm not going to like what the answer is on the clear plastic pipe....:eyes:
  7. Thanks.
  8. Aye, the prawn platter was before I fixed the water supply.
    Fat thumb whilst uploading pics :confused:. Anyway it was very nice:)
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  9. Good to be home,or are you wanting to re launch that satellite anytime soon:thinkingface:
  10. When I get 10mins Ill finish off the thread but yes, good to be home, but looking forward to the next time:)
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  11. Well Alan, Gabriel’s oboe wouldn’t go far astray!
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  12. Good answer, the reality is far too dull to spend time posting on this forum for others and yourself to enjoy.
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  13. Overflow pipe for the boiler condensing:thinkingface:
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  14. All I can tell you is my pension seems to be going down and down and I’m not even drawing from it.
    No matter what I try they keep stealing my money and over 30 years have devalued it significantly.
    I’m pleased I approached the pensions industry with scepticism otherwise it would have been worse.
    Like the insurance industry, it’s just legalised fraud.

    And no, I’m not in a bad mood.

    Your investments may go down but most likely won’t go up.
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  15. Awake early, as often happens. I had attempted to try and sleep better so put ear plugs in, never normally do that. Didn’t hear a bloody thing.

    4.10 am the phone rings! Heard that!

    My neighbour says ‘You’ve got an intruder in your garden’.

    I dash out with a block of wood and the guest that’s staying with us for back up.

    Intruder makes a run for it, over the scaffolding, out the front, down the road. I didn’t even see him but at 4:10:55 my cctv did.

    Young black male, white/light hoodie, jeans, white trainers. Either injured his left hand on the barbed wire or was holding something in his left pocket. What can you say.

    The fella staying with me is fit, strong and handy. If we got hold of him we’d have knocked his fucking block off.

    Police turned up best part of half hour later.... what can you say.

    Interesting start to the day.
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  16. Good to meet you again AC. Have fun with the aircon unit.

    Good idea about the moat. I need one.
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  17. condensation drain for a boiler system ?
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