So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. The scrambler 1100 is fun :)
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  2. Trying to convince SWMBO to let me have one after the Hyper was trashed but she won't even consider an 800. Have to try harder.
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  3. kick her in the cvnt. Sorry bud, but sometimes drastic actions are required .
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  4. Big floods in parts of England :(
  5. Don't worry, the might of Scotland will soon be along to bail us out ;)
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  6. Or at least claim 25% of the water
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  7. I’ve been to the (old) office today to get some papers signed by my old boss.
  8. Booked a day off work to go greenlaning with some mates.
    The nesh feckers all cried off last night because it might still be raining today and it will be to wet.
    I need new tougher mates :rolleyes:
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  9. I thought I'd remove the carburettor from the 2CV today so I could strip it down and give it a good clean. 4 bolts holding it to the manifold, should be a 10 minute job. Err, no. I don't mind having to remove the airbox to get access but I also had to remove the alternator, the oil filler tube and various other paraphernalia in order be able to get access to the 4 bolts. 10 mins became 2 hours :mad:
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  10. Don’t you have any cliffs near you?
  11. they make good chicken coups.........
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  12. I bet that felt strange going back but the final confirmation that you've left for good....:thinkingface:
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  13. Did you feel
    (a) I'm glad I left when I did
    (b) feck me, it's as though I never worked here
    (c) Oh how quick they have forgotten me
    (d) I think I left too soon

  14. And what’s wrong with a 2CV?

    It’s SWMBO’s, I bought it for her about 15 years ago, I used to detest them with a vengeance, but actually I have a sneaky admiration for it now.
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  15. Answer (a) as I was bombarded by questions on the terms of a contract I’d secured before I left. I felt very smug just pointing out the relevant sections in the contract, and very quickly too. It just emphasised the fact that no one is taking any time to pick up where I left off. And unless someone does, and quickly, then I worry for the staff.
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  16. Wha!!! No one to make the Tea :eek:
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  17. I wasn’t the “Anti-dehydration Officer” ;)
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  18. Another day working in the cold.. still, at least we didn't get rained on much... IMG_20191108_095429.jpg IMG_20191108_095445.jpg IMG_20191108_095457.jpg IMG_20191108_095511.jpg IMG_20191108_095539.jpg
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  19. yes Paul i thought Carr's comment was a bit over the top......... but a least mine had a positive in it.
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  20. On the few occasions I've done long term outside work, I've used Merino wool underwear, long johns and a long sleeve tshirt. My old set was from M&S but now you can buy some cheaper sets from Aldi, Millets and wiggle etc and then just use layering