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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Sold the wife’s car today, moving ever closer to the goal! Really quite cathartic selling stuff lol
    Won’t miss the uncomfortable bloody thing anyway

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  2. Over the past 14 months I've had 4 different bikes - never told my GF that I was getting a new one...I keep getting white ones and she doesn't know I've swapped. I did get an MS with Pikes Peak livery but only had it a couple of months before getting a white MS.
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  3. Would be no
    Problem for a real man I’m sure, bit like giving birth :astonished::D:p
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  4. And you said my physiotherapist destiny could stay over at the weekend also lol
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  5. Dead chuffed as just got a lovely pair of Dellorto DRLA 40’s for the 2110cc engine I’m building for my 71 VW bus...so happy days

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  6. We have to survive the debilitating effects of man flu, women have no idea how we suffer.
    Hope you`re feeling better after your little cough and cold ;)
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  7. You’re offloading stuff really quickly, when are you going?
  8. Our House goes on market in January then will move after it sells. Will then keep the rentals going for a bit
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  9. I’m stunned how quick stuff is selling to be honest as December is usually slow but hey ho I will take it.
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  10. Bath Christmas market, in at 10:30 and it was heaving, god knows what the weekend was like. Then off to Pram shop with Daughter to be relieved of significant amounts of cash to honour ‘to be ‘ grandparents rights (I’m told) of buying A pram, Pushchair, car seat combination thing.
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  11. 2 hr queue for th park and ride apparently
  12. Ducati's version of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy then.;)
  13. You’ve even sold your avatar?
  14. Perhaps he's on the run, shhhhh ……………..:eyes:
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  15. Don’t know what that’s gone...
  16. Are you on the run?

    There, I asked him.
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  17. :eyes::eyes::eyes:
  18. Yes he is by the looks of it :eyes:
  19. Now that’s more you, welcome back.
  20. I invited Sean round to have a look at what I have done to his bike since I bought it off him in the summer. It was good to catch up over a cuppa and chat bikes.
    Think he approved of where I have got to.

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