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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. Gulp
  2. Just looked out of the window and it seems we have a couple of inches of snow. People have started to venture out to work and then have turned back at the end of the road :D
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  3. With a recent visit to Seaford/Eastbourne/Hastings etc,i've been Googling property prices on the south coastline,with interesting surprises.
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  4. Please elaborate.
  5. Where's hyper gone?
    We still have access to the Ducati forum in France after Brexit?
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  6. Seaside living.
    Grim and desolate in the Winter.
    Cannot move in the Summer or weekends for tourists.
    Have to travel twice as far to get to the same resources, as half the compass is wet.
    Best move in 5 to 15 miles and get the best of both rural and coastal living.
    All in my humble opinion.
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  7. Simple really i fancy a property on the southcoast as a bolthole or a retirement home longterm.
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  8. Where have you found that is interesting so far?
  9. Yes i know full of tourists & holiday makers,this has been well documented by me in my head on the summer runs out last year,it's about the right location/price & suitable access:upyeah:
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  10. So many options so far from Eastbourne to Hastings,in particular the old town which is very nice architecturally,but major parking problems so you will need a house/garage set back from the sea front.
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  11. I'm genuinely interested in your progress on this endeavour. .. perhaps a separate thread.
    Hastings is rammed with weirdos. ... old town is great, we try to do the bike run and sea food festival each year, stayed over lastime.
    My brother lived near battle for a while.
  12. i love Rye, really cool place.
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  13. I've many childhood memories from there and also camber sands,happy days with summer trips out with anties/cousins etc.the options are unlimted for locations in this sector,a bit like purchasing a pack of chocolate biscuits from your supermarket these days.......too many wonderful choices.
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  14. Love battle,I was speaking to a friend sunday on the trumpet while down there and said i was born here & love the UK,this is my home & will be staying put unless a fantastic offer comes in that i can't refuse for a relocation overseas.
  15. Have a look at Lewes, got a bit more about it than Seaford etc plus much better road and rail links. County town of East Sussex.
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  16. I was just checking out my uncle & antie's place in Seaford,i've only be there once for lunch about five odd years ago.Do you know it Pinewood Close?,as for Lewes yes again because of the old buildings....but not the one with the very high flint wall.;)
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  17. Mum and Dad are one road up.
    I spent some time an NHS physio clinic in the 80s just behind the building with the big wall. Got hit by a car back in a South Wales and mum and dad picked me up to recuperate. They lived on the other side of the big house ;)
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  18. I read that as Psycho and nodded...
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  19. I never thought that I'd be the type to wake up early on a tuesday in order to exercise.

    And I was right
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