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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Good luck, think it’s going to be a rough crossing, Sick bags at the ready!
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  2. Do you reckon they'd fit a 2009 Monster 1100? Must be the same engine & layout as your Hyper?
  3. We’ve just been to Leeds and had a lovely meal with an ex colleague and his wife. :)
  4. I spent most of today doing home renovation.

    Incredibly, I knocked down a wall and found a secret fully furnished room I never knew existed.

    Then I remembered - I live in a semi.
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  5. I think they do - for that amount of cash its worth the punt...definately throttle bodies will fit - the only thing is if theres enough room under the tank...if they do fit theres room for a fuck off loud horn under there as well..(wot i done)!!
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  6. I’m a bit inebriated and they’ve just been bought :confused:
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  7. Well done :p
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  8. It will literally sound...monsterous... :)
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  9. @bradders Hope that sorts the problem for you!
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  10. It is and how’s the pressures doing
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  11. I had to look that up!

    Cardiac ablation is a procedure to scar or destroy tissue in your heart that's allowing incorrect electrical signals to cause an abnormal heart rhythm. Diagnostic catheters are threaded through blood vessels to your heart where they are used to map your heart's electrical signals.

    I hope you're feeling fine and that it works. It sounds like a remap of your fuel pump/ECU!

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  12. In the cold light of day, fingers crossed they fito_O.

    Worst case I’ll keep them for my cafe racer project:)

    Very worst case they’ll be readvertised on here and/or eBay:(
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  13. Chopping some fire wood whilst listening to the booming artillery rounds up on Feldom ranges. Must be some big stuff as our windows are shaking.
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  14. Thinking positive feelings....i reckon youll be good....mine was missing the mounting kit for the coil and the crankcase breather like that set is....not a big issue as i manufactured something myself...
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  15. Doing fuck all today as its pissing down and the rain is driving up hill....! - Watching films drinking tea/coffee and pissing about with stuff....might go and start the supermoto in the garage (recent battery fitted last month) and ive not used it since...im thinking...Clear and Present Danger next....go with the classics...
  16. Fixed the vacuum cleaner. Then used it. Points make prizes :upyeah::upyeah:
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  17. Roof leaking:worried:
    Unplanned expense incoming.
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  18. Get up there and get it sorted.
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