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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Been up. Flat roof. Worn out (25 years old). Bugger.
    Off to get some temporary roof seal.
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  2. Funny enough, it kind of is. And sometimes they need to turn it (heart) off/on again (cardioversion) which wasn’t needed for me this time I don’t think

    it is amazing. I have two small, very small, puncture wounds in my groin and a ‘burning’ sensation in my chest (a bit). So it’s feet up and do nothing for a couple of days. Back to work tomorrow but from home. May be off to Nottingham for meetings Thursday if I’m up to it.

    With a tad of luck it cures for good. Surgeon said it went very well and he’s hopeful I won’t need another.
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  3. Well, I’ve signed a new contract for a perm role which will remove a whole load of ‘can I work’ worry, so that’s good. Just have to trade that off against having to work longer than I planned...but 6 weeks holiday per year plus someone putting more into my pension than I do will hopefully offset the lack of money for the\at panigale I’ve been looking out for :rolleyes:
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  4. Temporary quick and (very) dirty fix. Biblical rain here.
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  5. is it leaking through the course of bricks on top the lead tray ?
  6. Pretty sure it’s not. I think it’s the felt rather than the flashing. Felt bubbled up and lifting.
    I had a look at my own pic and I see why you might think the flashing is the problem. I used emergency repair as it goes on whilst it’s raining. I have previously sealed the flashing (couple of years ago admittedly) but will get up and reseal it when it’s a bit dryer - about August??!!
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  7. only mentioned it as i years ago had the same, the lead flashing only went in about an inch and extreme wind on rain situations caused leaking problems, hope you don't mind me mentioning it.
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  8. Course I don’t mind mate. All and any helpful suggestions welcome. TBH I know the roof needs doing. We have been here 19 years and it must have been down a good 5- 10!years before that. Hope to lash it up until spring then replace. Helpful suggestion though. Cheers.
  9. Hope the boys are dry?,i've checked out mine today and no leaks as such.
  10. Luckily the bikes are nice and dry and warm. The leak is the garage roof but the effected part is leaking into the kitchen (through a downlighter o_O)
  11. I'd a sleepless night just worrying about trees being moved from a vertical position to a horizontal one today,as we have lost many over the years which is frustrating,but all ok with only three down yesterday when walking in the garden and none today,and i've cleared one up already but bloody raining hard at the minute & a little bit wet through,the good news with all this rain the waterfall is working again.:)
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  12. Holyshit.:splat:
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  13. I hope your going to clean that spoon up before it goes back into the cutlery drawer.;)
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  14. Stirrer!
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  15. Just moving the boys around in garage to make Duke feel more welcome.
    Defo not a going outside day today.
  16. Decided to clean my car in the shit rain and wind today for some reason. Not been done in about 3 month / 4k miles so was a horrible shade of brown. Now back to Cadburys spec.

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  17. After a pretty shitty morning now cooking a nice leg of lamb. Radio on, red in glass.

    note to self. Stay off the bay of evil tonight. Need some cash for the roof.
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  18. If you do it again either Fibreglass or the Rubber sheet stuff (do not walk on this).
  19. Reckon if I can get 20 years out of the new roof we will have downsized by then. Still go for rubber or fibreglass?
  20. Does this have a secret panel for keeping drugs in?
    Just I only normally see these in this situation..
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