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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Here's an old smoker that might be on the market soon......
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  2. Let me know how it goes
  3. Today and for the rest of the month I'm gonna be playing a super fun game called

    "Is it normal allergies and asthma, or a potentially life threatening global illness?
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  4. Have you seen the plumes of tree pollen coming off the conifers?!?!
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  5. Is it pollen season already?
  6. have you tried salmon in it? They use smokers quite a bit in alaska to preserve foods when freshly caught
  7. It wants to be selling tatties on t market
  8. Done loads of salmon in it in the past, we had that on the menu in the pub
  9. We are going to attempt to do our fortnightly Costco "trade only" shop at 10am. ... :mask:
    Hopefully this golden hour will allow us enough time to get around and leave before the great unwashed are allowed in....:rolleyes:
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  10. Watford? Let me know how you get on please, I am a Trade member.
  11. Sunbury.... Watford is a long way from S'aurf of Theif'row
  12. Let me know anyway pls.
  13. Smoker loaded ... Dunno why the image is sideways.... flipped it and it still came out sideways 2A0B8D9D-547C-4B4B-BC5A-41B09D9796DE.jpeg

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  14. Blimey, that's a hearty breakfast :D
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  15. Staying in bed, got a stinking cold. Andy
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  16. In the queue... about 100 trolleys long...: unamused:
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  17. That is just ridiculous. Hope you get what you went for. Andy
  18. They are very short of staff... only those without any trolleys have been let in... about 10 so far... supposed to have opened at 10am...
    . It's really awkward holding a trolley on a slope for 40 mins.... I fear an avalanche at any moment....
  19. Went out on the pushbike yesterday for the first time in a couple of years, stopped for a drink brake at bench by a road island that leads on to a section of dual carriageway, sat there watching the world go by, a fair few bikers out and watched a few of them on sports bikes wobble round the island and then heard them gun it up the duel track, did make me chuckle, did ten miles to post a birthday card for my grandsons first birthday, not nice no seeing him on his birthday, my lads wife is due our 7th grandchild in 3 weeks, doubtful we will see ivy for a while after she is born, missing the grandkids and it’s only been a week.
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  20. Update ... I'll be here all day... only letting 10 i at a time
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