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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I get to insulate this tomorrow.
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  2. Horrible job! That's a big old loft as well.
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  3. as said, horrible job, I hope you have your N95 etc particulate respirator all ready Anthony. Skin and eyes vulnerable also, in fact why not..


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  4. About 90 square metres
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  5. Good luck,horrible stuff just makes me cough within a few seconds just looking at the materials.:mask::upyeah:
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  6. Looks like how the staff at my dentists were dressed yesterday :bucktooth:
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  7. Yeah and i bet they put up their prices to cover the PPE costs.:thinkingface:...i need a visit anytime soon.
  8. I've painted the XL wheel hubs ready 4 the wheel spokes now,maybe the chap in Cowfold or the lot in Birmingham.
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  9. Bumped into a farmer pal whilst out with the dogs and mentioned I’d seen the Tup in with his Ewes a while back. He must have done a good job because they are hoping for eight hundred lambs in a month or so.

    Spring is just around the corner !
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  10. B12 jab then got my amp out and played one of my leccy guitars for an hour or so and then finished my musical interlude on my ukulele this afternoon.
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  11. Had my first Echocardiogram with heart-stress simulation induced by intravenous injection. Very exciting for me to observe the whole procedure and glad to say no serious problems during. My bpm was increased from approx 42 to 132 to try and get a proper road test, which took about 10 minutes.
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  12. Great news although I’m not too sure about it being ‘exciting’. I have to look away just for a finger prick let alone sticking a needle in a vein. My idea of hell. Andy
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  13. It was NHS and my operator for the day was Rocen (I think it's spelt) who was first class. I could see the heart monitor throughout but not the images which is a shame. I am not really bothered by any procedures now as long as not excruciating (i'm sure you and I both have experiences of this by now Andy). The one that I did baulk at once was during a colonoscopy, I was watching the screen quite happily until he said "i'm just up near your heart now" and for some reason that suddenly affected me.
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  14. you sure that it is was the Ram ? I haven't seen Loz for a long long time, he was capable of producing the same results............
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  15. Possibly, does he prefer the standard or deluxe marking harness.

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  16. I didn't realise you still needed an MOT? I'm on a historic plate myself.
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  17. Visited a GP vaccination site that goes live on Friday - fingers crossed the vaccine turns up tomorrow :cool:
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  18. Bloods are still stable
    Creatinine levels still low. I have a pattern of low in winter higher in summer that my consultant noticed so it could be my muscle mass. Lack of movement through shielding could be an issue.
    Reviewing in March to see how it’s looking then.
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  19. Well as it’s snowing like mad here it looks like it’s another day stuck indoors trying to find something interesting to do :bucktooth:
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