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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. MD of Thatchers last published remuneration £224,875......
  2. There you go then :upyeah:
  3. Hit a load of golf balls into a driving net in my back garden , whilst imagining each one was a member of the government , I felt much better afterwards .
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  4. did some gardening!! got so carried away I managed to ruin a jersey/jumper, those old dead rose branches don't take prisoners.
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  5. Managed to get out with a mate and blow the cobwebs away. Nothing monumental just about 80 miles but very pleasant. Unfortunately had to detour into Andover because “someone” (not me) forgot to reset their trip and got low on fuel but no matter, most of the journey was out in the wilds and away from civilisation and it wasn’t that cold, temperature hit a heady 11 degrees at one point. Nice bacon roll at a van the Andover side of Ludgershall as well (van is there, 7am to 3pm, Monday to Friday). Andy
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  6. This morning SWMBO decided I should touch up some marks on the wall in the kitchen with the obliterating paint the builders left when we moved in a couple of years ago. I went one step further and filled some gaps that had appeared (through shrinkage) in the kitchen, dining room, garden room and lounge. Once filled, dried and sanded down I then repainted the areas concerned. :)

    After that we decided to sort out some old pics of my wife of when she was a little girl and found similar ones in similar scenarios taken of our granddaughter (who is the spitting image of her) to create a photo montage to have framed for her birthday in May. She’ll love that I’m sure :)

    I then watched the final 3 episodes of The Flight Attendant:)
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  7. Sat in humongous traffic an hour n half journey two n three quarters hours:mad:, lockdown has finished too early:mad::mad::mad:.
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  8. Tried to continue with lawn raking but 50 or 60mph winds put a stop to that - the moss was just blowing away as it came out. Pressure washing the drive blocks was a no go too. Warm enough to take a bike for a blast but didn't fancy that either with the wind and dust...

    The picture shows somebody's field being blown away - it is not fog obscuring the horizon but soil dust. There hasn't been rain here for a while so any exposed recently seeded fields are getting blown away. The sea even turned brown at one point so it must have landed in it. That's what happens if you remove too many hedges to make overly large fields.

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  9. Chris, the Tramp wardrobe is my preferred look when in the garden like today again..
  10. that's the intelligent thing to do, and normally me also but when it's a job i'm reluctant to do, I often end up doing this, as I start off having a casual look, not thinking I would get stuck in.
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  11. I bumped into somebody on tuesday and they'd their green work mechanics overalls on again, 24/7 apparently including his oldman's funeral.Lol
  12. You wanna get yourself a motorbike, much easier to negotiate those jams!

  13. Nice idea but it would need to bigger than a Goldwing to carry my tools, access equipment and negotiate a drive through Costa or if I must be a slum dog a MucDonalds.:)
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  14. Digging out garden at back for new patio. Loads of old tree roots. Grrrr.
    Meh, ending the day with a nice vin rouge...followed by a little rum. Makes the aches go away..until tomorrow!
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  15. Parsons bakers for me - Bacon & sausage doorstep sandwich and a cappacino for £3.75
  16. Getting a bbq ready for my daughter and her partner who’s birthday it is
    Lovely sunny day.
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  17. Make the most of it. It’s cloudy and cold this side of th’hill :/
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  18. Business as usual eh Terry!
  19. “The sun shines on the righteous”...........

    .......or is it “The Devil looks after his own”? ;)
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  20. Grey and raining here :-/
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