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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. poor Cilla Black impression Peter.. :confused:
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  2. Well what a day, up bright and early this morning so completed a kitchen laminate flooring made by Quickstep the ones that sponsor the Pro-cyclists etc, a quality product with this being my third floor installation by this manufacturer & then a treat on the ninesixteen.
    Outward bound all good but on the return trip the bike packed up just five minutes from the property but with all the kit on today / full face as well in this weather pushing the damn thing it was more like 20/30 bloody minutes.
    The only problem was i couldn't get the land rover moved as no keys, so strapped the bike up so the doors would just about close.
    Then i received a goodnews phonecall from my local (Pete:upyeah:) the Fabris Lane sunglasses have returned after 7 days OWOL, they look in the same condition when pinched but very knackered like the owner but have sentimental value :)....Don't mess with Protwins or else.:punch:;)
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  3. Nope. More exciting than that. ;)
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  4. Just been for dinner at a new Asian/Thai restaurant in the next village. It was fantastic so we’ve booked again for next week :)
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  5. The problem with you lot on here's your so damn secretive.:eyes:;)
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  6. I’ve already dealt with a dozen “bots” trying to join the forum this morning :rolleyes:

    We seem to be getting around 30 a day now ffs. Worst it’s ever been.
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  7. Appreciate the tedious job of bot wiping. The internet is a wonderful thing but also a nest of corruption & evil! Keep up the good work:upyeah:
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  8. Anything to stop you nodding off in your retirement.;)
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  9. Just received unused manifold, header and pipe for the monster, £80 on eBay.
    Removed the servo valve internals, and having a sleeve welded over the holes.
    Then off to be ceramic coated satin black.
    Will post images when fitted.
  10. And so far another half dozen :rolleyes:

    This morning I have been very busy……….I’ve jet washed the drive, done some gardening which included extending/shaping a border, replanted a couple of plants, weeded and taken 3 big bags of garden rubbish to the local tip.

    This afternoon I will be mostly doing nowt/nothing/nada/niente:)
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  11. 6A9B0BFD-0771-4A9A-92CC-C3DBBA549E7A.jpeg
    Let me in you bastard....
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  12. Worked
    Keep fit
    Lazing on my sofa in the garden with my coat on as that wind is chilly :D
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  13. Nice little blurt out on the 899 today, Yarm, Richmond, Leyburn and through to Hawes, very little traffic so got a nice “flow” going ;)


    Tidy old Kawasaki at Hawes, good to see it still being used :upyeah:

    Quick coffee at Hawes then continue on to hang a left onto the B6259 Nateby/Kirkby Stephen, through Brough and onto the B6276 that runs past Selset and Grassholme reservoirs, now bits of this road are fekkin bumpy and bits are 1000 yard stare stuff so it kind of keeps your attention focused o_O !

    Then onto the Wear View diner at High Etherly

    A regular stop for me and the boys here, flying solo today though so it seemed really quiet without the constant piss-taking that normally goes on:joy:, just enough time to stop for another coffee and a fruit scone with jam and clotted cream...a diet one, zero calories ;)
    I always enjoy a day out more when I know everyone else is at work, or “day prison “ as I like to call it :laughing::laughing: ....six years on and still love my 899 :heart_eyes:
    About a 130 mile round trip
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  14. So far today 28 “bots” dealt with. :/

    edit: now 30
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  15. Both @Carr and I would like some pictures of the floor after ‘socket gate’, especially as we might be considering purchase this flooring system. It’ll give us some tips on how to lay a perfectly square and flat floor what with your being such a pro. TIA :upyeah:
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  16. No I wouldn’t, don’t include me with your petty bollocks interest.
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  17. A parallel line from the kitchen units with a 5mm expansion gap around the walls working from left to right, then repeat the process.Also the boards should overlap by a minimum of 300mm at the joints for retaining the strength in the product with constant traffic use.
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  18. Booked ferry tickets to Ireland mid July.

    In the process of crossing my fingers.
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  19. Also for the finer weather too.:sun::upyeah:
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  20. Ferry to NI so you can probably still go even if the EU/UK international travel is not opened up?
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