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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Plant your crops well & hopefully when it comes to harvest time your efforts will be rewarded handsomely.
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  2. Today’s plan is to do a bit of domestic cleaning then ride out this evening around the Peak District :)
  3. Inspirational
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  4. First time as a pillion for the mrs today, she did great! Treated her to an ice cream on the way home!

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  5. Bloody hell what a little ledge for any human being's bottom.
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  6. MOT BMW r1100r. 61003 miles. Superb old tank. No problems:)
  7. I was thinking that too o_O
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  8. Swallow brave pill before journey time starts.
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  9. If I sat on that seat my delicate little cheeks would hang over like a pair of Harley saddle bags. :)
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  10. I know the feeling :D
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  11. Today I have been bettered, hoodwinked, neigh downright tricked by my daughter.
    She “only” achieved a 2:1 in her Law Degree last year & so my ongoing attempts to avoid buying her a dog stayed on track. I do recall saying something along the lines of “yeah sure if you ever do better than that, the deals back on” as her plan at the time was to take a year off travelling before attempting to actually find work. However Covid put an end to all that and so she decided to sit her Masters. Today I get this:
    You said if I graduate with a first you’ll get me a dog! Well now I will graduate with a distinction in my LPC postgrad so that’s one step further me thinks…
    & then seconds later, this:
    Therefore as a graduation present I expect it to woof
    Getting out of this is going to take some seriously creative thinking...
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  12. Offer a hamster with a sore throat and a dogged personality.:)
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  13. Donnington, plenty hot!!!!

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  14. Spent most of today (and yesterday (and the day before)) hurling about smaller rural roads in Angus and Aberdeenshire on the little wee SB200. The traffic is getting too bad on the more main routes so the Supersport might be confined to the garage until the schools go back. I think it is made worse this year with so many people staying in Britain for their holidays - there certainly seems to be more clueless critters than usual polluting the highways, that is for sure.

    Most of the back roads are almost traffic free and many (but certainly not all) of them have excellent surfaces. My excuse for all this hurling about is that I am making fuel and exhaust adjustments to the little 2-stroke and since I don't have access to a rolling road then lots of road testing is the only alternative.

    Photo taken into the sun so didn't work too well:

    This was once the main road to Aberdeen, now it doesn't go anywhere at all:

    There are a surprising number of abandoned roads but most are not as large or as long as this:

    Spot the symbol of rebellion against centralised authority:
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  15. Get her the dog with a waggly tail!
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  16. Hopefully it's still in the window....
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  17. no price though.
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  18. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Electronic...cphy=9045487&hvtargid=pla-1028485746706&psc=1
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  19. Would they look just as ugly as well :eek:
  20. Last night I went on a ride out with the DOCGB West Yorkshire branch. Think we had about 20 riders and it was brisk! Very brisk! :)

    3CFF83A5-F8C3-4A8B-9B33-24A4E9A34119.jpeg D69148DC-2DB0-4241-84BF-BBD4505A46D0.jpeg
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