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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Absolutely - it is through a lettings agency to keep a bit of distance.
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  2. Decided to stay in and do a few odd jobs around the house rather than go climbing.

    I’ll go tomorrow after my b12 injection :)
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  3. Smart man.:upyeah:
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  4. I've finally fitted the new clutch slave cylinder today after spotting the leaking problem 5/6 weeks ago and had a little ride out as limited on the fuel at the minute, so very gentle with the throttle but the smiles back on the chops..
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  5. I agree... Calling a peson "it" -even a pear shaped one- is so unnecessary unless of course its your cousin

  7. Be careful, even with letting agencies. My mate was dropped right in the shit by his letting agent not doing what he thought they were being paid to do (chasing up rent and arrears). It was some considerable time before my mate (things going on in his life) realised the rent wasn’t being paid. When he chased up the agency, he discovered the tenant had been sectioned and that no rent had been paid for some time and the agency had left the matter there.
    After taking the matter to court at his own expense to have the tenant evicted, which he won, the case was then disallowed because the court discovered my mate wasn’t a registered landlord, but he’d thought the agency as they were responsible for collecting the rent, would be the ones with the necessary paperwork. This was not the case.
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  8. Improved somewhat since your last visit then !


  9. Filled up my van’s fuel tank with Diesel at a motorway services £1.58 per litre, I wept as I filling up don’t usually use service stations but needs must. Got enough now for 7 days of work then I’ll be goosed. :confused:
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  10. 0B99D815-60CE-4DF7-BD80-B15E7481DD4C.jpeg Moved into the new house today, shattered but happy I think.
    Space for another bike in the garage I think.
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  11. Spent the day , building a flatpack wardrobe for my daughter .
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  12. What’s a registered landlord?
  13. That may not be the correct term Carr01, but it’s a licence or document my mate had to have to rent out his property.
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  14. Grass contractors using some commonsense by leaving the wild flowers inplace, any jobs in government for these people.......i thought Not.
  15. Just enough fuel to cutup this dead tree trunk today that i left behind sometime ago on site.
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  16. Took SWMBO to town to do some shopping whilst I went climbing:)
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  17. Looks like good fuel for burning
    What wood/tree is/was it?
  18. They said it was an Alder.
  19. As in Alan, from the hit tv series MASH!!

    You’ve murdered my childhood hero!
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