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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Going to see “No Time to Die” this afternoon :)
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  2. Let us know what you think (without spoilers please, as we’re off to see it next weekend!).
  3. Bonds character has been changed from what I’ve read

    He’s now a more considerate sort of chap helpful to the elderly and considerate to the fairer sex. He now thinks twice before he utilises his license to kill.

    Pressure has been put on by various awareness groups around the world for some time to modify the character of 007 bringing it more in line with our modern ways of thinking!

    Should be good!
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  4. I’m interested in who will be the new James Bond next year :)
  5. I believe Pam Ayres has put her name forward.
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  6. Fair enough.:upyeah:
  7. Precisely why I shan’t be rushing to see it :confused:
  8. I’m not a James Bond fan it doesn’t appeal to me
  9. I've fuel:party:, it's never been so easy handing over a Pink bank note for payment, with less than ten minutes wait time, but i've to say some very poor car positioning by other road users.
  10. Carbon tank cover fitted to my SFV4S. Thanks Fraser ;) 86A9DC8F-ED11-4CC2-8A31-E33C2CD1416B.jpeg 8EB09A6E-B741-4D7B-A506-AD3DD8B9F3B1.jpeg
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  11. Just made a big pan full of French onion soup, ready for the cold days ahead.
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  12. Bought a new motorcycle :D
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  13. What type of bike have you bought?
  14. Had lunch at the Bike shed.
    I think it’s a Scrambler engine, interesting how the shock is connected to the swinger.



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  15. We’ve just been to see the new James Bond movie. It’s excellent if you like James Bond :upyeah:
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  16. What's next a film about tightrope walkers with the lead character afraid if heights? Its like wanting to make a film about swimming but insisting on it being made in the sahara.

    Now I will watch it -probably on a DVD/ Streaming service. But if its some nonsensical BS were people are only killed gently using soya milk squirt guns, it may be the last time.

    @El Toro just posted encouragingly. Perhaps the claims that James is all PC are exaggerated. I hope so.
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  17. Never did and probably never will
  18. I heard he has a very big bin...
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