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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. A
    Another fat controller earning too much as usual.;)
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  2. Rode over to my mates to drop a birthday card off and look at his new Aprilia.
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  3. Paid for by my bride :)
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  4. L’Enclume pricing?
  5. Did a little bit of sorting out in the garage, then just paid off the finance on my V4S which is a nice feeling. Now I only owe my mortgage and hopefully I won’t get tempted and can keep it that way!

    Now a chilled afternoon waiting for the F1.
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  6. Managed to get most of the tar spots off my bike after the last trip, then went to the pub for a late lunch and few glasses of wine. Now back home about to stick some Christmas films on.
  7. Reading Toy Run today and we are marshalling again this year. Really good to see a massive response from the motorcycle community, still waiting on an accurate total but I guess over 1000 bikes bring gifts for Barnardo's. Huge turn out of people watching the bikes ride by too and they were treated to a very Christmassy event. Andy
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  8. Another Michelin starred restaurant but definitely in the same bracket!
  9. Today I was treated to lunch at Gino D’Acampo’s place in Leeds by #2 son, which was a first!

    It was very nice too :)
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  10. I
    A close friend of the singer Paul Young!
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  11. Exactly!..Italian cat burglar
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  12. Bottled the damson gin and fitted my new Oberon filler cap to the 748 - was a bit worried it might not look good but it does! :)
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  13. and with pictures :)
    DSC_2317s.jpg DSC_2339s.jpg DSC_2344s.jpg
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  14. This Russian spambot thing is getting to be a chore now. Recently I’ve been waking up to 50+ and then through the course of the day we in excess of another 60 spambots. Today we’ve had 66 already :mad:

    Anyway today is going to be a chilled one. SWMBO is off out shopping then going to lunch with a friend. I’m staying home, doing nothing other than wheeling the Scrambler out this afternoon when Ducati Manchester come to pick it up for a service and to have some work done to it. :)
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  15. Flying home after a great Irish weekend break.
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  16. Me pulling more floorboards up this morning but the backs gone again, i need Au pair with 6" stilettos correcting my posture.
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  17. Dismantling a kitchen cupboard to give the plumber access to the gas and water rising mains. Discovered that the kitchen fitter (me) couldn't be arsed to support the end wall end of the worktop so been beavering to make up some legs to support it. Seeing as they'll have to climb on it to get the old boiler off the wall, it's a masterpiece of over engineering :joy: Now sitting in a queue waiting for 2 new tyres to be fitted to my Leon. Andy
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  18. Havent felt great this weekend
    I woke feeling better and decided to have a go at putting my tree up
    2hrs later I have managed to put the tree together and put lights on
    That's stopping in between to catch my breath
    Phew this is hard work :grinning:o_O
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  20. I'm sure it looks a pretty picture.:thinkingface:
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