So Who Would You Wish For And Wish Not Commentating On Moto Gp

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by Noods, Nov 13, 2017 at 9:06 PM.

  1. Baron Von Grumble?
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  2. Oh dear God no !!! Please just no.....o_O
  3. Dianne Abbott, just so I can have a chuckle when she tries to sort the points numbers out.
  4. James Hayden or bring back Matt Roberts
  5. Nooooooo, please, please, please, NOT Matt Roberts. Been running into him for far too many years at Brands Hatch. The guys totally self obsessed and given the amount of time he's spent in the paddock, he knows shit which is plainly obvious when the conversation gets technical with riders and team managers. He just glazes over and goes off to find a women to talk to. Andy
  6. Shakey too monotone for my liking (even if he were available). What about Ross Noble? :) Sometimes enthusiasm is as important as being knowledgeable. OK maybe not in his case! Personally I'd get shot of Gavin Emmett. He's frankly superfluous. Guy Martin is at a loose end at the moment, when he's not fixing trucks of course!
  7. She'd be out of her depth before the end of the warm up lap. That requires counting beyond 1.
  8. Go sit in the corner!
  9. That's not a bad shout, certainly better than that self important weener you mentioned earlier (BVG) :D
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  10. Could be worse, I could have suggested Charlie Boorman!!
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  11. Is it just me, or is Suzi Perry turning into a bit of a munter ? She's not as easy to look at now she's knocking on a bit o_O
  12. Hodgson, Emmett and Edwards would get my vote,Huewen can fuck off back up his own arse.
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  13. At 47 years old she is hadly 'knocking on a bit' and is IMO, hardly a munter. She has, again IMO, been in the motorcycle sport wilderness for a little too long to make a comeback though. Andy
  14. Vicki Butler Henderson just for the voice more than anything ...

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  15. And cause she's not exactly eye candy anymore right Andy? :p
  16. 2nd Suzy Perry
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  17. VBH on occasion looks like a monkey, the way the side of her mouth curls up.