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Social Media Broken…

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, Oct 4, 2021.

  1. May be good time to stick a grand in…
  2. I'll get the go fund me started. :)
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  3. Shut down my FB a few months ago and can definitely see a difference in my personal well being.
    Its that dreaded twitter i cant seem to get out of my life its too on the button for stuff like latest sports news, which i appear to be addicted to!
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  4. The algorithms and general murkiness of FB actually make me feel physically ill.
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  5. Fucked FB off yonks ago. But my account mysteriously rose from the ashes. So I deleted it again. As you say, murky. I do WhatsApp now. That’s it…
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  6. I was working in South Korea in 2015. I used look at all the numpties in bus queues ALL staring at their phones. I’d think why can’t they have a chat with one another. Now look at us. Exactly the fekin same. I even see partners scrolling through their phones over a meal and totally ignoring each other. Sad….
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  7. There was a great documentary on Netflix about FB and their algorithm's, likewise a great one about Cambridge Analytica, it's actually interesting but extremely scary to see how that data can be used and in CA's case steer a presidential election.
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  8. scary is if the the type of apps like WeChat.. your movements, Payment, conversations all monitored... and bundled into a nice Citizen rating... and now including your Covid test /Health score
    very easy to manipulate etc
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  9. As soon as I finished work and didn’t have to deal with China I deleted WeChat immediately :)
  10. Ni Hao... sadly ill be here until December, so under the watchful gaze until then...
  11. Amd yet people still say ‘if you’ve nothing to hide’ and ‘they can use what they want, my life isn’t interesting enough to care’

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  12. And still many don’t see it…

    What did they say at the G7 summit last time… ‘don’t own anything and be happy about it’

    And previous year ‘keep them poor’ at a big economic seminar where leaders of countries and industries were exclusive attendees…
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  13. a very dangerous step, as once the tap is open it can never be closed, but sadly i think we already have gone down this path
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  14. I don’t do FB…..

    And the Lord said “Lo, behold the field in which I grow mine fucks, and then laying thine eyes upon it ye shall see that it is barren, so I say to thee most solemnly IDGAF”

    I’d heartily recommend watching the documentary film “The Social Dilemma” about the dangers posed to society by social media though.

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  15. My girlf took me to The Shard a few years ago for my birthday. Unfortunately we couldn’t get near the windows in the viewing gallery because all the space was taken up with people sitting on the floor, their backs against the glass, ignoring the amazing views, with their faces fixated on their phone screens. It was quite chilling.
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  16. I’m sure this forum collects data lol. Full of bloody adverts now.

    FB has its uses, like all platforms. However, they are all designed to be addictive and collect data.
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  17. Disclaimer: I used to fix computers (for money) and build them (for fun. Scratches the same itch as building motorcycles, but is not remotely as much fun when finished!). I have never worked in IT (unless we're being pedantic). And clearly there are exceptions to rules.

    I used to think you had to be in IT to understand what's wrong about Facebook (and Google, et al. About Microsoft post-Windows 7. About what's wrong with AMD today).

    Now I think it's rather that you have to be in IT to care about what's wrong with Facebook etc.

    I'm not sure which is the more disturbing, but I've believed for a long time that we're fucked.

    And that the best thing to do is ride an exciting motorbike, preferably really fast.

    Actually that works for most of life's frustrations!
  18. Yup that's the one
  19. I agree.
    See it all the time in the parks, beaches and green areas etc. Beautiful sunny day, stunning scenery, and faces stuck in devices.
    Yes, chilling....Huxley was right.
  20. Instant gratification feedback mechanisms, always within arms reach. And the only answer seems to be to wait and see: to see if this is the next stage of Evolution, that benefits the species in ways we cannot see.

    No, I don't believe it either!
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