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Featured Sod It! I’m Going On Hols Anyway!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, May 5, 2020.

  1. Do you want a bet?

    208D46AF-5E69-4D4A-8828-C3E656160F68.jpeg EAB29798-BD09-47F3-BF30-0695556AA135.jpeg
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  2. WOW
    And your bike has bull horns on the back!

    Why do you need a giant tent if you cannot even carry a pillion?

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  3. That was the Ventura luggage grab rail. It slips on and off as needed because there is another adapter to hold the Ventura luggage and roll bag.

    I like plenty of space when I'm camping!
  4. Pretty much. That was a trip to the French MotoGP a couple of years ago. The handling was 'interesting' on the auto routes on the way there and back. Even with the shock preload right up
  5. It all only weighed 18kg. The Ventura bag had mainly my sleeping bag in it. Food was purchased daily in the village.
  6. I thought you wrote

    “will be dogging” ;-)
  7. If he does, that pic belongs in a different thread!

  8. Social distancing mate. The old fella is a decent size but think 2m would be a stretch too far :astonished:
  9. too much information Paul

    too much information
  10. A stretch too far...
    If we ever meet I will just nod and stay 5ft away...

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