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For Sale Sold

Discussion in 'Other Bikes For Sale' started by damodici, Oct 12, 2018.

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  1. Time to sell on my R1.

    It's an extremely low mileage and well loved 2002 5PW model which was when refinement was added, chassis tweaked and fuel injection was bought to the world of R1's. It even has folding mirrors that work and don't vibrate ;)

    It's been stored under good quality bike covers in my garage and SORN off and on over the years I've owned it with barely any mileage added what so ever.

    The original bodywork along with tank and exhaust was all kept in the loft to try and retain originality and condition. In the few times Ive used the bike on the road i ran some aftermarket Tech 3 panels and I had a genuine tank resprayed black to match. I also upgraded most of the bolts and fixings, added a new chain and sprockets, all of which have been pretty much unused and the bike has never seen rain at all.

    Bike is currently SORN but only this last few weeks its been fully cleaned and in-depth serviced with new oil, filters, a brand new MotoBatt battery and some small areas of engine paint touched up professionally which now looks great.

    Then I had the original panels and tank refitted, air-box & filter fully cleaned out and finally some extremely lightly used Dunlop Sportsmart 2 tyres which I'd taken off my late 2016 1290 Superduke SE prior to switching that out to some Metzelers.

    The bike then breezed through its MOT with no advisories on August 31st 2018 and so it's ready to go back on the road if the new buyer sees fit.

    Current Mileage 11733

    From what i can find its one of the lowest mileage 5PW bikes available for sale, nothing seems to come close condition wise or with everything included or history as mine has.

    Full mileage and MOT history present and shown in photos.

    Bike comes with the following:

    • MOT until 30/08/2019 (11 months remaining)
    • All past documents & receipts showing partial main dealer service history
    • Fresh service (just carried out)
    • New MotoBatt Battery (fitted)
    • 2 Keys and manuals
    • Genuine exhaust (unfitted) & shorter carbon exhaust (fitted)
    • Steering Damper (remove if you don't want it)
    • Full second set of Tech 3 fairings, screen and genuine tank (sprayed black) as shown including filler cap
    • Adjustable levers (fitted)
    • Fork and frame sliders (fitted)
    • Hel Performance Braided brake lines (fitted)

    Price - sold excluding spare fairings and tank subject to full payment

    No test rides unless full amount is in my hand, no PX (sorry I'm making garage space)

    Original Yamaha press release - https://global.yamaha-motor.com/news/2001/0918/yzf-r1.html

    Plenty of pictures below shown through serving, cleaning and re-fitment of genuine panels and new tyres prior to its recent MOT.

    20180626_130219.jpg 20180626_134032.jpg 20180626_134036.jpg 20180626_134045.jpg 20180626_145054.jpg 20180626_145108.jpg 20180626_145341.jpg 20180626_145447.jpg 20180626_145625.jpg 20180626_151039.jpg 20180626_151049.jpg 20180626_151118.jpg 20180626_151130.jpg

    20180727_155846.jpg 20180727_155857.jpg Oil and filter.jpg 20180828_131956.jpg 20180907_134932.jpg 20180907_134946.jpg 20180907_135005.jpg 20180907_135025.jpg 20180907_135043.jpg 20180907_135051.jpg 20180907_135054.jpg 20180907_135127.jpg

    20180907_135411.jpg 20180907_135428.jpg 20180907_135458.jpg 20180907_135507.jpg 20180907_135529.jpg 20180907_135548.jpg 20180907_135555.jpg 20180907_135605.jpg 20180907_135628.jpg 20180907_135642.jpg

    IMG_1969.jpg IMG_1970.jpg IMG_1971.jpg IMG_1972.jpg IMG_1973.jpg IMG_1974.jpg

    20180907_145954.jpg 20180907_150009.jpg 20180907_150046.jpg 20180907_150137.jpg 20180907_150150.jpg 20180907_150155.jpg 20180907_150204.jpg 20180907_150209.jpg 62c8d756-3281-4aa9-9ff3-436e456f3558.jpg c05fdb67-203f-4ef3-995a-1f8800a9b912.jpg 5f1c859d-7563-4fae-bc62-e593aff6de94.jpg 7fd1b3b7-e4f9-4a60-885b-a96ae563ce1e.jpg
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  2. great ad great bike and very keenly priced
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  3. Best R1 in the best colour ever, I have one on the road all the time and love how it rides.
    You got me thinking I need another so I can send one to the Czech Republic :thinkingface: mmmm, must resist :eyes:
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  4. Got any more pictures?? :laughing:
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  5. Would you believe, yes i have :joy:

    I know what you're saying and i wondered whether anyone would be that bothered. But at the end of the day, when it comes to older bikes like this I'd always prefer to buy something thats open, honest and not hiding anything, the more info and detail the better, not just some shabby picture of it pulled up on some shite pavement say how amazing it is

    I guess the idea of asking him (mechanic) to take pictures as he went was to try and show its been worked on and cared for a little bit.

    Its still only a 2002 bike, and it might not be 100% perfect, but its still a very very good 2002 bike :upyeah:
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  6. Well if you've the money, and lets face it, its not a lot, then why not. :)
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  7. Shhhh………….. :eyes:
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  8. It's too cheap to ignore
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  9. I remember when they came out. I had a Fazer thou and used to drool over these. Still a handsome bike, the rear light did it for me GLWS :):upyeah:
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  10. Any pics with the tech 3 kit on?
  11. Buy it, they are fab!!! :)
  12. Looking at the pictures and with that mileage and price, I can’t see this hanging around for long.
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  13. None on my iPhone unfortunately and I've looked back at my iCloud storage.

    I can trawl back through Google photos as I might have had an android phone at the time when I last took a picture of it. Leave that with me

    They're not genuine fairings the tech 3 ones (obviously) but they're more than reasonable and do fit well. I got those to try and maintain the original manufacturer fairings, and that's when I picked up the extra genuine tank
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  14. Little bump

    I've been tentatively offered £450 for the tech 3 fairings and tank which I'm mulling over, I would rather try and sell all as one though.

    However, if anyone likes the bike but isn't bothered about those fairings then I'd sell it without for the difference

    Personally I'd take the spare fairings but I appreciate tastes differ.

    That's two choices now exige :)
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  15. Oh shit.............. :eyes:
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  16. Letterbox r1 lovely bike best colour, I chose the 954 blade 2002 but it was a toss up lovely r1 that is
  17. Well she's tentatively sold :worried:

    Just awaiting a small deposit to be sent with the handover penciled in for Tuesday 30th October.

    She's going without the spare fairings but those will easily sell on I'm sure.

    @El Toro

    If possible can we leave this in place just in case the buyer pulls out, hopefully a week tomorrow I'll have the money in hand and I'll update the thread :upyeah:
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  18. ive done 3ok miles on one of those before i sold it around 12 years ago
  19. Sold yet?
  20. Not yet EL T, chaps meant to be coming down on the 30th (next Tuesday)

    If that happens I'll update the thread with sold in the title, if not she'll still be available :upyeah:
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