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    Went to Spain for 10 days, Plymouth to Santander (Rtn) stayed in Ainsa and rode out from there, used best biking roads for some ideas but to be honest-all the roads around there are pretty awesome! Got a cheeky €50 on the spot speeding fine - but the coppers were pretty cool!
    Low point was when out heading for Argeles Gazost, I got overtaken by a GS, (not being happy with that) I went for it, chased him for all I was worth, I struggled to keep up with him for about 10km, then after he passed a car before a sharp bend, I lost him... I was gutted, no, devastated that I had my arse handed to me by a fekkin GS!! Anyway, I spotted him a few KM later, tried to chase him again, then he stopped at a Cafe! I parked up next to him and was soooo relieved to see it was a Multi 1260 Enduro with the big square metal panniers fitted!! :joy::joy:
    Anyway, he introduced himself and after a quick chat, he worked for Ducati Spain and was planning a route for a ride out! He also described himself as a very very fast rider (after I confessed that I couldn't stick with him) He then said I rode very well considering I had a pillion! :grinning:
    So, apart from the speeding ticket, the sound thrashing, my lights packing up and my lack of total trust in suspension............ it was a greta trip!!:cool:
    Just ordered a set of Maxxis Sport touring tyres for £125! I have their sports tyres on my track bike and they're bloody fantastic-I'll let you know how I get on with them....
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  2. Awesome!, i had planned to do a trip to Spain on my Multi but it never happened.

    Maybe next year on the Pani or Superlight
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  3. Love the Pyrenees and probably 1 of the best places to use as a base is Ainsa, can’t wait for my next trip there
    This picture was taken on the roads up to the tunnel that brings you out on the french side

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  4. Sounds like a good trip. Have done the Pyrenees a couple of times and the Picos once. Next time will probably be heading further south. Spain is great for biking and in general, currently sitting in Seville airport waiting for a plane home from a weekend away.
  5. Sounds like you had a good time:upyeah: Can't wait to get back there.
  6. Nice one, seems ages ago since I was there even though it was less than a month. We went on a road from up there to Huesca, through a gorge with huge figures in hunting poses, bows n arrers etc and the epicness of the mountains was breath taking. Probably the most scenic road I've ever ridden.
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  7. Are you Ally McCoist’s twin brother ? :)
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  8. Ha, he does a bit anorl. Especially the bottom pic with Mrs B.
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  9. Or you could be referring to my shit way of typing being akin to Alis Scots accent :laughing:
  10. :joy::joy:...Nope! :D
  11. I don't recall a road like that myself - can you narrow it down?
  12. Wish I could. I’ll have a proper look later on a pooter.
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  13. Goog going'
  14. Ok , Just checking :)
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  15. The coast rd from Lloret de Mar to San Feliu is fantastic. Hardly any traffic with plenty of hairpins.
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  16. The N621 to Potes is a bobby dazzler , will be heading back that way next year , its great
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  17. It is, I did that one a few years ago now......I think I need a Picos trip :p
  18. @HyperMac ... I don't look that old - and definitely better looking! :p
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  19. Now that is really how to live life. Maybe one day..
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  20. Never mind all the chat about the best roads and the Multi(s)...how did the RS perform? ;)
    p.s. I loved the Pyrenees and would struggle to choose between them and the Picos, but if I had to I'd say the roads were possibly better maintained in the Pyrenees.
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