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  1. Very naughty, did you know you can't sing that anymore :eyes:
  2. I call my 11 year-old daughter a spakker.
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  3. I bet that's Czech for something else
  4. A guy at work did that and she was :eek:
  5. 34873E9A-4219-47D1-8FD8-091E2840FA2D.jpeg And we are done!
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  6. ferrari-sexy-girls-4.jpg
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  7. The uncertain t, I made a 3d model of this a number of years ago, Steve Scott saw it and featured in on his Facebook page
  8. La Voitre Noir, nice if you have €14m

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  9. In Ellensburg Washington yesterday, saw this Chevy Nova station wagon (farming country)

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  10. [​IMG]
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