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  1. Spot on mate
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  2. Should do a thread with some of your work, always nice to see some decent results.
    I used to do a lot when I had more free time, never professional standards but getting good amateur results.
  3. On my Instagram @PlatinumCarValeting
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  4. _DSC5053_423.JPG
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  5. Haha yes well spotted!!!
    997 GTS actually AAD302CC-8F88-477D-B678-1580AF24BC66.jpeg
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  6. 5D60980A-F523-4525-BB6E-49149919F6BC.jpeg
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  7. The game changer:upyeah:
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  8. Had a visit to the Aston Martin factory with my son....didn’t know where to look first

    0814AC22-30C4-45FC-B391-7147AD425475.jpeg 876CC4C0-12FA-4C59-9D45-8C515EF88513.jpeg 24E51FCC-A616-4E60-82A4-0133595F988F.jpeg D6AD2E75-A9BD-4B00-BFF3-F6A3C4636D1B.jpeg 74B001A7-EF94-4B1F-8DBB-4000D5FFC5EE.jpeg
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  9. pd5_1234.jpg pd5_1211.jpg
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  10. Chris Evans by chance? :)
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  11. From my trip to le manorial in August :)
    C28ED6BC-C08C-426F-9151-A52C5ACC9023.jpeg 0D079845-ED1B-4E0D-A504-D96064A21928.jpeg 2F14150B-5E56-4E8E-AD2D-D010B84EB11B.jpeg
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  12. A friend's 1967 Mercury Cougar (sort of).... quite quick....

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  13. In 2013 I went on a classic car run that finished at Crosthwaite and Gardiner. They're the guys that made the pre-war GP replicas for Mercedes and this photo is one of them. These aren't replicas as in kit cars, they're indistinguishable from the real thing. I think they said they take 5 years to make and cost £4-5m. There was flash stuff everywhere, must have been 15-20 Bugatis, classic race cars laying around, and the parts sat waiting were mental. We just walked around in shock! Quite a place to visit, they had a Manx Norton in reception.
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  14. my mate getting married early may in Italy (Garda) , wife and I driving down S1 etype from SW London to Garda via Swiss ,where we will be staying for a night with mate of mine who owns 1923 Bugatti and Citroen Maserati. apparently I will be allowed to drive both for little while. so loads of pics to come for this thread.
    no idea if my break down cover will will work in EU after Brexit. ???
    I think I will need it!

    we are planning to do 3k miles in 10 days in my etype MY66 .
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  15. Some from Carfest 2017

    7D08C8B5-62A4-43B1-80DB-C959A2F9B9C6.jpeg 81C4D2BC-DFAD-441A-834F-40B49D0815BE.jpeg 464E4B3A-BF9E-4F1F-8A93-A4DBE22A8D85.jpeg 2D93FAE6-88AF-4C79-A223-D360CB958052.jpeg 9E4D5D27-9C15-4461-AE47-F0FD70D0E14D.jpeg 14A39E55-B9CA-461D-A14A-8F98967FE39E.jpeg C62EF581-861B-4246-9D7C-6F904DA53042.jpeg
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  16. Jaguar E2A at Le Mans Classic 2012, I am amazed that this was racing. There were many special cars there that weekend! SAM_2943.JPG
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  17. Yes:upyeah:
  18. Do you have any photos of the Etype?!
    I've got an 89 XJS cab, it's no E but a nice second!
  19. Ya man . It is at painters at the mo, going in to original opalescent silver grey. Should be out at the end of the month. I am going to check it out on sat , so will take some pics and post
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