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Featured 1260 Speedo Angels ... Good People

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by john clelland, Jul 19, 2022.

  1. A quick message to advise a great customer experience i had with the good people of Speedo Angels.

    I purchased one of their nano-glass dash screen protectors a few years ago for my 1260s. The protector arrived quickly to California, installed easily, and was fantastic at keeping scratches from happening on the multi's dash ... which we all know can scratch just by looking at it.

    Fast forward from 2020 to last week, when i was on a 2400 mile ride touring 5 states (California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Washington) raising money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and the ambient temps hit 104ºF for two of the days, and the protector adhesive failed, allowing it to peel back from all the edges, making it difficult to read the dash at times.

    I ordered a new set of the dash protectors when i returned from the ride, and in the order note box i advised that i loved the product, but at higher temps, the adhesive seems to fail.

    I was surprised when i received a confirmation email that my order went through, and then a second email a few minutes later advising my order was refunded ... the replacement screen protectors were being sent free of charge.

    Bravi to Speedo Angels, for excellent customer support.

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  2. Gonna need a new on e every day in uk atm.
  3. it's not THAT hot in the UK at the moment ... that said, when i Lived in Northern Ireland, anything over 60ºF was considered a heatwave, and people dropped like flies.

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  4. I have also had good customer service from them. Highly recommend.
  5. Had similar issues with their Nano glass protector. The slight curvature at the edge of the screen meant it was always trying to unstick itself. Kept showing signs of lifting. They replaced it without issue, did the same though.
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  6. The temperature in London exceeded 40°C yesterday which converts to 104.5°F so, at the moment and however unusual, it IS that hot in the UK. Andy
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  7. Got one on my V4, very good value and easy to fit, isn't Speedo Angels run by someone on here? could have sworn it was?
  8. I use a 3m version , no issues
  9. is that different from the Speedo Angels' nanoglass version?
  10. Yes it’s a Matt finish 3m sheet , fitted the same way as the body protection kits .
  11. ah ... stupid me ... of course, 3M as in Minnesota Mining Materials.

    did you cut the shape yourself?

    would really like seeing a photo of it applied on your Multi's dash.
  12. It was fitted by the 3m chap when the bike was delivered. I’m away at the moment but will do once back . Place is called Tony James Designs based in Evesham.
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  13. It arrived the next morning. Fitted it straight away. No issues.
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