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For Sale Sport Classic 1000s

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by idrinkbeer, May 19, 2019.

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  1. Im selling my 07 sport classic 1000s due to an old neck injury.
    My bike is in very good condition with 5500miles, the bike is uk supplied and owned by myself for the last five years,the previous owner owned the bike for five years and bought it from the original owner. iv enjoyed owning this bike and can honestly say it draws lots of attention.the bike fuels perfectly and corners like on rails, the induction noise is awesome and requires ear protection and the exhaust noise is like a drug.These bikes are very rare and were before their time.
    Anyhows the description.
    The bike is heavily modified but comes complete with all the standard parts to return to factory condition, all keys, all owners books, a sc1000s ducati bike cover, and the ducati rear stand.
    Fitted to the bike are........
    Kineo wheels,black with silver spokes, these wheels are much lighter than stock and allow tubless pirelli rosso corsa tyres to be fitted, and are very expensive.
    Monster fully adjustable forks c/w k tech valves and titanium nitrided sliders.
    Twin ohlins rear shocks, fully adjustable.
    Upgraded brembo calipers, fully serviced and rebuilt c/w new seals and pads about 1000miles ago.
    Converted from a wet to a ducati performance dry slipper clutch with dp open cover and new plates about 1000 miles ago.
    Ncr magnesium engine cases ( clutch and alternator covers) super light.
    Sato type 2 rear sets anodized black, great smooth feel.
    Induction upgraded to a wasp power up kit, this removes the airbox and replaces with velocity stacks, k&n air filters,k&n breather filters, power commander 111 with a custom map, very loud induction noise.
    Exhaust is a twin s/s conti replica full system with db killers fitted.
    Ohlins steering damper.
    Carbon belt covers.
    Rizoma bar end mirrors( black).
    Tail tidy fitted.
    Ncr fuel cap, ducati performance oil cap.
    Lots of titanium fastners used and hel brake and clutch lines in red.
    The bike will have fresh oil and filter and new belts fitted, it has an 11 month mot remaining. Im not overly worried if i dont sell as im happy to keep it (this was my original intention) and use it once or twice a year.
    Priced Competitively bearing in mind the upgrades cost approx £9000.iv changed my mind and decided not to sell. Sorry bout tat.
    Any questions feel free to pm . IMG_0018.JPG IMG_2187.JPG IMG_2184.JPG IMG_1945.JPG
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  2. 20180929_114523.jpg 20180820_234424.jpg 20180426_190301.jpg IMG_0098.JPG 15582904239362690380869521767799.jpg

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  3. In your face classic modern italian motorcycle that's very pleasing to the eyes & ears:):upyeah:
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  4. That's amazing/bizzo.

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  5. I'm going to buy a scratch card in the morning.
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  6. That is stunning!!!
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  7. I honestly dont care if it sells , i dont need the money and i can content myself riding it the the nw200 and the ulster gp every year but it just seems a shame. The sc1000s didnt give allowances to comfort with the exception of the comfy seat but the reach to the tank is long and the bike is tall, but, its a lovely thing to ride when moving and iv passed a few sportsbikes on our country roads.
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  8. I'm long and tall!!!!! It's made for me!!!!

    Am genuinely buying scratch cards tomorrow!!!
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  9. Thanks for all the likes, it really is a stunning bike. Cheers.
  10. Keep it a while... I'll get saving.

    Did you keep all the non-glittery bits?
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  11. Every part is stored. From the wheels to the brake hoses, the mirrors to the air box...everything.
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  12. great bike. should keep it.
  13. For a while, definitely...
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  14. Beautiful!!
  15. 15583383635201111010781.jpg Feck sake. GLWS.
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  16. My rather small fragile mind has been changed, tink i will just hang onto my bike. Sowwy.
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  17. A wise move, I think you’d regret it.
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  18. Thread closed?
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  19. Yep if you dont mind.
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