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For Sale St Exhaust Pipe

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Desmophil, May 22, 2020.

  1. Exhaust pipe - ST4 / ST4s - I need to clear this from the Garage
    Free to a good home

    As we are moving soon, I am going to clear all the stuff that I don't need anymore a well, some really cheap, some job lots. Watch this space



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  2. Bump - last call before I dispose of it at the price of metal.
    I would have hoped that it would help, if anything as a spare for ST4/4s owner?
  3. Hi @Desmophil Is that 45 mm standard bore for ST4 (I haven't had time to check)?

  4. I have been told that 45mm is ST4 and ST4S

    (not ST2 or ST3)
  5. Thanks, I'll check mine out and let you know :upyeah:
  6. Checked last night ans 45 mm seems right, my cans are stamped Ducati and have the cats inside, do you know if the Remus one is the same? I guess I would need both is not?
  7. Those are original pipes with baffles in.
    Not after market. So I would think all Ducati standard specs.
  8. I'm not sure when they added the cats, my bike is a 2002, do you know what year the exhaust you have is? Apologies for all the questions
  9. The cats came with the ST4s in 2002.
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  10. Hmm I am not sure about the Cat
    I had 2 x ST4s. - I think that they were 2002 and 2003 models though again not 100% sure.
    I am not certain if that pipe was actually from those bikes or if that was a spare that I got then.
  11. I saw from a
    A google search found that MY2002 got the cats and my exhausts have war and peace stamped on them so I guess I'd need 2 cans the same for spare, either 2 Remus that you have or one with cat in?

    I'd like to take it off your hands but it may be no use to me either :(
  12. That's fair enough. I was just checking if they could be useful to anybody as I feel bad for discarding something that could be usable.
  13. I hate chucking good stuff to, is ebay an option
  14. not happening there either at £1
  15. FYI. The part no on that silencer says it's from a 2002 on ST4s: "574.1.057.1B Silenziatore Sx. L.H. silencer"
    So definitely has a cat, as evidenced by the blued area on the underside - right at the start of the cat section. Possibly as a result of unburned fuel due to a misfire at some time in its past.
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  16. So it could be a suitable spare for me, my can number is ZDM A17 e3 *89/235*0066*00 the e3 bit being Euro 3 compliance
  17. I don't think that's the part no. Harry. That is the EU emissions compliance homologation number. The part number should be on the back.
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  18. The pre-cat part no. is 574.1.045.1A. The exh with the cat I listed above is used for all ST4s models from '02 to '05.
  19. I'll get a look later and see if I can see the part number but it sounds like the Remus can is suitable as a spare for my bike :upyeah:
  20. More confusion, my part number appears to be 573.1.045.1A

    So mine could actually be pre-cat although it does have war and peace stamped on the outer side which made me think it had cats in? I guess 573 v's 574 is just an ST4/ST4S identifier
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