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St2 In Chicagoland

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Cherryriver, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I believe I neglected to post here yet, apologies.
    In mid-June I picked up a crashed '99 ST2 from a family near where we are. The front master cylinder had clogged up from lack of maintenance combined with sitting for some time, and the return port clogged. The brake then tightened up and tossed the owner, who unfortunately was not geared-up on the short test ride in the neighborhood. The results were quite serious.
    I scored sufficient replacement bodywork on EBay from Italy, and of course replaced both brake masters immediately and flushed out the rest of the mud.
    A number of other minor repairs and maintenance items were due, and done, as well as new Pirelli Angel GT2s- the existing tires were dated 2004.
    So far I've accumulated about 250 (safe) miles and am working out a couple of other kinks- the stagger in the throttle response in the 3500-4200rpm range is a considerable annoyance. From reading here, I understand the ST2s were commonly so afflicted here in the US.
    The other tough thing is that in our relatively flat world in these parts, the riding position is a bit too aggressive for us more mature riders; if this bike were to be kept in the Driftless Area of southeast Wisconsin, dashing through the coulees, it would be a different story.
    (To translate, the Driftless Area is that region of the Mississippi River valley from about La Crosse, east and south to Galena, Illinois where the glaciers missed smoothing the bumps out, leaving the "coulees": the sharp valleys snaking through the hills. Possibly the best riding area in the upper Midwest.)
    Longer Galfer stainless brake lines are installed, and a handlebar conversion of some sort may be in order to accommodate the old neck bones.
    First Ducati after 52 years of most everything else.
    ST2 on trailer 6-18-20.jpg
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  3. Hello :upyeah:, someone will be along to guide you in the right direction to solve your problems!!
  4. Well, I did learn in one thread that there's a fellow here in the US who's done a replacement chip for the ECU. Waiting for a response to asking about acquiring one for myself. This bike is stock, so most ECU cures don't apply.
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