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996 St4 Speedo Compatibility With 916/996/748??

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Nick Smith, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. Does anyone know if the speedo from an ST4 is the same as / will fit a 916/996/748? I need to change mine on the 996 from miles to kms and there seem to be more ST4 clocks available second hand...
  2. Depends on age, my ST4 has a speedo that goes to high mph (can't remember what) in 10 mph increments which I believe is what you need - it's a 2002 so anything of that vintage should be right :upyeah:
  3. My 996 speedo is only in mph. I need one in kms... It looks like the ST4 has the same speedo unit. Just wanted to check if it would be a direct / simple replacement
  4. The speedo drive and wheel size are the same. Shouldn't be a problem. The speedo on my 2002 ST4s went up to 150 or 160mph or thereabouts.
  5. Sorry I misread, but, yes same unit I believe, mechanical drive :upyeah:
  6. And it was marked in both MPH and KMH with the MPH dominant.
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  7. It may even be 180 mph from memory (haven't looked for a few months now) :thinkingface:
  8. KPH Speedo and front wheel for an MY02 748 and an MY02 ST4 have matching part numbers, the speedo drives look to be quite different and have differing part numbers. Speedo part number is listed as: Kph speedo 40140281A for both bikes and the MPH ones are 40140321A for the 748 and 40140301A for the ST4 . Not sure what the difference is for the MPH ones
  9. Would imagine they are compatible but not sure if the same maximum speed displayed?

    If it's of interest I have the original kmh only (not dual scale) speedo from my 916 as my bike was an Italian import.

    I ran with it for a few years before changing to a digital speedo so it has some km on the clock but I also have an original mph unit in case I ever want to go back to analogue so I'd be happy to sell.

    PM me if interested.
  10. For info 2002 ST4 UK speedo;

  11. 916 speedo reads upto (an optimistic) 300kmh;

  12. 186 mph. Not much different from the ST4 one.
  13. Your ST4 reads up to 300 KMPH too.
    Edit. Stupid boy. No it doesn’t!!
  14. Mine is marked up to 300 kph (post 10) but I'm not quite sure that is actually required...... :D

    Ducati claim 150 mph in standard form (for ST4) but I can't confirm that as I am a Jessie :bucktooth:
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  15. I am having a bad day. I’m going back to bed for a lie down. Yours was the picture I was referring to in initial post. Then the worm of doubt hit and I incorrectly edited my correct post.
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  16. Mine showed 143 mph on the digital speedo I had fitted on the long final straight at the Nurburgring. Would probably have managed 150 mph with a longer run.
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  17. Don't think I've been north of a ton (on the Nurburgring of course....) :bucktooth:
    I'll get me coat :D
  18. I should have said mine was an ST4s with a wee bit more poke than the 4.
  19. I remember you has an s, I can't remember what Ducati said the s should do but the 4 is supposed to do 150 as standard - still, I won't be going there anytime soon :D
  20. Oddly enough they claimed 156 mph for the ST4 and 155mph for the ST4s but the 4s has 10 more bhp and is 12Kg lighter.

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